How Mobile Apps have made life easy during lockdown

By Richa May 4, 2020

With the advancement of technology one of the major inventions by mankind is mobile devices, that has become an unavoidable part of our life. Gone are the days when people used to look upon these devices as an ordinary communication medium. Now it is much more than that. The availability and access of high-speed internet and interactive features on smartphones has resulted in a whole new level of experience in the form of mobile applications. 

We human beings are always on a lookout to make our lives easier and comfortable and hence have developed a range of applications that assists us in our day to day life. Honestly speaking mobile apps have changed the way we work, play and communicate with each other. According to reports by 2022 annual mobile app downloads are projected to reach 258 billion. Mobile apps have become a vital part of almost every industry sector – education, banking, healthcare, entertainment, production & manufacturing, and many others. The apps have come to our rescue whether you have run out of cash, have no time to dine in, do not want to stand in a long ticket queue, forgot to pay bills, etc. 

Speaking about today’s scenario when almost the entire world is under Lockdown due to Covid-19, had the mobile apps not been there, life would have been really challenging. In the times when markets, malls, offices are closed and people have nowhere to go, we are counting on apps as our lifesaver. In another report by Appannie

Time spent in apps in Italy grew 30% in March from Q4 2019, while France, Germany, and the US have all had 15%, 10% and 10% growth respectively

So, let’s have a look at a few instances that will make it clearer that mobile apps have made life easy amidst lockdown

  • You are locked in your home and outside almost all the grocery stores are closed, or even if some of them are open, due to the fear of the fatal virus you do not wish to step outside. So now what? How will you manage groceries? Grocery delivery apps is the answer. Apps like Walmart, Instacart, BigBasket, Grofers, Boxed, Thrive Market, etc. are a few of the pioneers in this sector. To meet the growing demand of Groceries and vegetables many eCommerce and Food only delivery companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, Swiggy, have also joined this list.  According to recent analysis as of April 5, 2020 Walmart Grocery experienced a 460% growth in average daily downloads. So, this leaves no reason to not download a grocery delivery app.
  • Due to the Covid-19 almost all the organizations are following ‘work from home’ culture. But being at home, following an office-like schedule can be challenging. Fortunately, mobile apps for remote work have made this task simpler. Be it video conferencing, sharing files, keeping track of work, there are many apps to make remote working a smooth process.  Slack, a popular business communication platform, Basecamp a project management tool, Zoom a screen sharing and instant messaging tool, G- suite apps for file sharing and many more such tools are making it possible for businesses to continue work smoothly even from home.
  • The current situation has discouraged the use of Cash as currency notes might act as a carrier of the virus and hence governments of various countries have urged their citizens to use more electronic payments. With the norm of social distancing, more and more people are relying on Digital payment apps on their smartphones.  Paypal, Apple pay, Paytm, Google pay, Zelle, etc. are a few of the innovative mobile payment apps used worldwide that let you make payments, receive, and transfer money. Apart from these apps, almost every bank has its own application for carrying out activities like funds transfer, doing investment, balance check, bill payment, view statement, etc. During Covid-19 many digital payment firms have observed a surge in their app downloads. As per Statista estimate, total transactions through digital payments will reach US$4,769,370m in the year 2020.
  • In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, when people are confined to their rooms, to break the monotony, online games are seen as a boon. In fact, WHO, has recently joined hands with gaming companies for a campaign #PlayApartTogether, under which many popular game stores are giving their premium features free or with a big discount to encourage people to remain connected while staying at home. Scrabble Go, Ludoking, Pokemon Go, Monopoly, Mario Kart, are a few online games that have kept people busy and remain connected with their friends and family. 

Apart from the above-mentioned apps, there are many social mobile apps that have saved people from getting bored while stuck at home. People are creating funny video clips on Tiktok and also posting their at home pictures on Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. For those who are movie lovers, streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. have impeccable series and movies that can not be missed. 


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