Jquery Full Calendar with Ruby on Rails

Contrary to popular belief, working on a client project gives us a generous margin of creativity and explore innovative solutions. Take the example of a recent project I was working on. The client required a collaboration-based calendar module for their application similar to Google Calendar. Initially we started developing it from scratch , but then, we found an awesome Jquery plugin.

"FullCalendar" provides a full-sized, drag & drop calendar. It uses AJAX to fetch events on-the-fly for each month. It also supports an intuitive interface to manage events that spans over multiple days or weeks. It is visually customizable and exposes hooks for user-triggered events (like clicking or dragging an event).

I decided to give it a try and utilize its hooks for user triggered events within our Rails application. This small effort resulted in a barebone Rails app that might provide a good base for your project which require calendar, scheduling or appointment features. I called it fullcalendar_rails and it is now available on github with a working demo at http://fullcalendar.vinsol.com.

Feel free to give your valuable feedback. I hope you will find this useful.

Update: On popular demand, I have added recurring events functionality with daily, weekly and monthly frequencies. It also allows for exceptions to recurring events including delete and edit features.

Skiping installation of ri and RDoc documentation while installing gems

Probably most of the time you would like to skip ri and RDoc installation while installing some new gems, specially on production server.

I do like to skip ri and RDoc documentation while installing gems on my development machine, because it takes more time to generate ri and RDoc then actual installation of gem.

We can skip rdoc and ri documentation while installing a gem by:

I am sure that you would not like to give –no-ri and –no-rdoc every time you install a gem. To avoid this situation, you can create/update $HOME/.gemrc file with following option:

Now every time you install a gem, it will skip installation of ri and RDoc for the gem.

My .gemrc file looks like:

Ever tried Rails.root

Guys, have you ever tried Rails.root. It gives same value as RAILS_ROOT. But now in edge rails it is modified and you can do much more with it.

You can use Rails.root at places like:


Both gives the same result.

Google maps like image browsing?

Does anybody over there have any idea about any library that facilitates us to implement google maps like image browsing?

Basically I want to implement something like where a user can drag drop large image to view specific portion.

Basic Introduction of Apache rewrite rules

Today, I had a basic talk about apache’s rewrite rules. Slides are below:

Apache Rewrite Rules

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: apache rewrite)