SpreeCommerce Product Customization

As an eCommerce business you can do better than your competition by allowing your customers to customize product that they want to order. Of course not all products can be customized but if you deal in a product which renders itself well to customization - by allowing the customer to do so, you are engaging the customer at a deeper creative level. So now the transaction does not remain merely a financial transaction for her, but the customer is invested at an emotional level with the product since she has designed it herself.

Some examples of businesses that really do this well are :

Shoes of Prey
Shoes of Prey allow customers to design their own shoes. They do a really good job of making it very easy for customers to design and then order her shoe.

1 Atelier allows their customers to design their own HandBags. You can choose a bag type from among all the options available - whether a tote or a clutch or something else. Then you choose the hardware, piping, leather finish for the various parts and you are ready to checkout.

Since we do most of our e-commerce development on SpreeCommerce, we set out to build something that could be available off the shelf. We experimented with Shoes and T-shirts and have made decent progress and that is what is presented here.
You can play with the SpreeCommerce demo at http://3d.domain4now.com/ . Signup as a new customer to get access to the functionality on the demo site.

You can also follow this link to view snapshots of demonstration or watch the tutorial video of SpreeCommerce Product Customization.

SpreeCommerce Marketing Extension - All you need to target the right audience

When it comes to marketing it's important to target the right people. Say, you have the perfect marketing strategy for increasing retention or just the right content for promoting a product. What else do you need for a successful marketing campaign? The Right Audience. No matter how exciting your offer is, if you're targeting the wrong people your marketing will fail to generate returns.

Spree Marketing Extension focuses on classifying the user base in such a way that as a store owner you'll be able to feed the right consumer with the right content / marketing campaigns. That's not all! You can view all your marketing campaigns from the email campaigning service you use (mailchimp for now) along with the customers it probably affected! From the list of people who signed up last week to the buyers from a particular geographic area, all information is presented in the form of well-structured lists.

Follow this link to view snapshots of complete demonstration of the SpreeCommerce Marketing Extension.

Vinsol’s Spree Commerce Open Source Android App is out now!

Android dominates the smartphone market with a share of 82.8%**. Talking about  Ecommerce, it is a little older than 20 years now and needless to say, is growing exponentially.

Quick question! What would be the fastest and cheapest way out for bringing your store online? A way which would not compromise on quality and serves your needs right. How about building your store using an open source Ecommerce framework. It’s pretty obvious for you to consider Spree Commerce for this as it perfectly fits into the picture of an ideal Ecommerce storefront and a systematic & easy to use backend. It’s one of the most robust and refined technologies that you could ever hope to use. How about exposing your store to the huge Android market or maybe wanting to start with Android users instead of a website? You know the ‘Mobile first’ thing, don’t you? For all those wanting to build their own Spree commerce android app, here’s the solution.. Vinsol has released the first Spree commerce Open source Android App! All you have to do is, customize it as per your requirement and you’re ready to grab the market in no time.

Spree Commerce Open Source Android App

It's an android application built to consume spree commerce API, a front-end consumer centric application that facilitates listing of banners, products, cart, review/rating, social signup and user profile.

spree 5

Implementation Insights

  • Lists implemented using Recycler and card views
  • Stripe payment Gateway integration
  • Http client - Retrofit 2
  • Image cache - Picasso
  • CoordinatorLayout
  • Infinite ViewPager


Make changes to the following files:

1. Constants.java

  • Set the base api url to http://shop-spree.herokuapp.com/api/ams/
  • Configure external links for Contact us, FAQs etc.
  • Add Stripe app key
  • Country id is hard coded for US (change it as per your requirement)

2. Strings.xml


  • minSdkVersion 17 (Android 4.2)
  • targetSdkVersion 23 (Android 6.0)

Coming soon in the next version are features like Search, Wishlist, Notifications, Products sorting, sharing etc

Get it here and build your own way to Android Ecommerce!

Vinsol is managing Spree Commerce Open Source Efforts. Time to contribute back to the community!

We have been delivering Ecommerce solutions for almost two decades now. For us it has been about delivering experiences and not just documented products. As we grew, our quality centric mindset has motivated us to create something better everyday.

vinsol journey

After First data acquired Spree Commerce, the company, arose the need of a new core development team for taking care of the Spree Commerce open source project. A team strong enough to be able to make a substantial contribution to this gigantic open source project and shape it's future with a unified vision. We stepped up for taking on this responsibility and are super excited to announce that we are now leading Spree Open source efforts! ( SpreeCommerce Wikipedia )

SEAN SCHOFIELD, CEO of Spree Commerce, quotes in his official announcement “Future Spree open-source efforts will be coordinated and managed jointly by volunteers from Spark Solutions and Vinsol.  They are all professional developers who are currently working on behalf of merchants using Spree and have hands-on experience in Spree development, customization, maintenance and performance optimization.“

With big roles comes bigger responsibility and with this in mind, we already have our goals defined.

  • Spree 3.0.5 was released within two weeks of onboarding.
  • Plans to upgrade Spree  for Rails 5 as soon as rails 5 is out.
  • Upgrade Spree with Bootstrap 4 and make it completely responsive

That’s not all folks!

Insights of the complete development roadmap are here

We are determined to support Spree Commerce developers around the world and serve the community with great enthusiasm and commitment as this is a source of satisfaction and achievement for us.