Vinsol Ranked Among The Top iOS & Android App Development Companies In 2019

$200 Billion. That’s the number that mobile app economy is poised to register globally in 2021. From $50 Billion in 2012, various forms of monetization models in the smartphone industry have contributed to an immense surge in the ecosystem of consumers, enigmatic product innovations, and the profession of app development itself.

Building your first app – Should it be on iOS or Android

Whether you have a great idea to serve the general population or a quirky resolution to a problem that a particular set of audience faces, making a mobile app has become a necessity for a number of businesses. Smartphones enable us to access unlimited information, make connections, and use the internet on-the-go to work on complex production tasks. Some of us would argue that the global smartphone market is oversaturated, but we believe in facts that prove this otherwise. It is because a lot of unimaginable ways are being invented for ease of doing business and mobile apps have a huge potential in the future to make…

Ray Casting Algorithm

If you’ve been struggling with the problem of determining whether a point lies inside or outside a polygon, perhaps in google maps, read on. This post is specific to Android and Node.js but the algorithm can easily be implemented in any other language/platform as the algorithm itself is a piece of cake once understood.

Custom Accessibility Services

In the first post, I talked about making apps accessible to all. In this second and final post I will explain how to create an accessibility service and what can be the intentions behind creating one. How to create a custom accessibility service? Create a class that extends AccessibilityService and override onAccessibilityEvent(AccessibilityEvent event) and onInterrupt() methods. onAccessibilityEvent() – This method is called back by the system when it detects an AccessibilityEvent that matches the event filtering parameters specified by our accessibility service. onInterrupt() – This method is called when the system wants to interrupt the feedback our service is providing, usually in response to a user action such…

Accessibility: Increasing app reachability

I always thought of accessibility services in Android meant to help people with visual or physical disabilities in accessing apps, until recently, when I came across few apps which requests user to turn on their custom accessibility service in order to work properly. To my surprise, these apps are in no way related to aiding accessibility for visual or physical impaired people. So I started looking into details of accessibility service. I will be sharing my findings in a series of two blogs. This post explains what accessibility service is and how can we make our apps accessible. Next post will talk about creating custom accessibility services. What…