What every web startup ought to know about public data sets ?

Question 1 : Gimme a hot startup idea  ? Answer : Amazon has released public data sets of 1 Terabyte(and growing) which can be integrated with AWS . Question 2 : What the heck is public data sets ? And I am asking you to give me startup idea, not a company PR news Answer :  In simple words, its a centralized repository of public domain, non proprietary scientific, demographic and medical data available in Linux and Windows Snapshots. Question 3 : Yes, that was quite simple (arghhhh….) Answer    : Okay , there are 4 categories of information you can find in these repositories 1. Biology      2.…

Two best online API/Rails API

Today I found two best API sites. One is http://www.gotapi.com.
This site provides APIs of almost all languages.
The other API site which is only focused on Rails is http://www.railsbrain.com/. I like this most. You can also download this API. It is AJAX based fast, useful.