Does Your E-commerce Store Need A Mobile App, When It Already Has A Mobile-friendly Website?

The question of how an e-commerce store can improve your business is best answered by recent developments according to which Amazon’s valuation could skyrocket to a colossal $1.3 Trillion in 2020. Tracking down the U.S. Department of Commerce figures, e-commerce sales alone in 2018 accounted for about 15% of the entire retail sales in the United States, totaling to over $515 billion that U.S. customers spent just to shop online. With this information, multiple sources estimate that about 75% of all online purchases are being made on mobile devices and most people prefer to use smartphone applications over mobile websites.

What every web startup ought to know about public data sets ?

Question 1 : Gimme a hot startup idea  ? Answer : Amazon has released public data sets of 1 Terabyte(and growing) which can be integrated with AWS . Question 2 : What the heck is public data sets ? And I am asking you to give me startup idea, not a company PR news Answer :  In simple words, its a centralized repository of public domain, non proprietary scientific, demographic and medical data available in Linux and Windows Snapshots. Question 3 : Yes, that was quite simple (arghhhh….) Answer    : Okay , there are 4 categories of information you can find in these repositories 1. Biology      2.…

24/2 – 14 things I learnt from gmail Outage

Source : PC Disorder Web version of Gmail is down (working with some IMAP accounts). And I am  learning few things here : 1. How to back up your gmail account ? 2. Developers and Server Administrators are HUMANS. Even google can have occasional server glitches. 3. There is something known as IMAP and POP. 4. Dont put your life – critical stuff on one web service even if it is Google. TRUST YOUR BACKUPS. Take Backups or store your data somewhere else. Whether its delicious or gmail or twitter. You dont know what you need in next moment. here is 5. Life is more than…

Hoptoad: A Rails Exception Handling Service

Many of you guys(as me) may have used Exception Notifier plugin to get Rails app exceptions right into your mailbox, and may also have faced some problem like this.
Also if you have 2-3 or more apps running in production then managing such exception mails is also a big headache. In such case one have […]