BarCamp Delhi 3 : Less Ruby


I presented on Ruby Tricks in BarcampDelhi3, I had much more things to present but due to shortage of time I got chance to show very few of them. I got some good feedbacks of the session, anyone who loved ruby, liked the session… PHP guys are still finding it hard to accept the Ruby, Rails.
Manik and Akhil presented Amazon EC2 services, also there was quite a useful session by the Amazon’s Jitesh on Amazon Web Services S3 and EC2. Greg presented good usability stuffs.

There wasn’t any other session related to Ruby or Rails… I was missing Ruby there. Also after the BarCamp, many guys asked me if there can be more Ruby/Rails related stuffs.

Good News! We are planning ruby related events as RubyCamp which will mainly related to Ruby and RubyOnRails.

Join the group for the information about upcoming Ruby events.

Presented at BarCampDelhi3

Yesterday, I attended third barcamp in delhi. I presented a session “Deploying rails application in EC2″. It was an amazing experience. We talked about EC2 and I have given a demo “How to deploy rails application on EC2″.

I personally didn’t like some sessions that are based on marketing. There were people from some hosting company and after every 2 mins they were saying “we are the best”. I think this should not happen in barcamp. As far as I know about barcamp, it is for sharing your experiences, Talking about new technology, but not for promoting your company.

I think that, at BarCamp there should be sessions on new things, not on the things that are popular and have similar other services.

There was a very good session by Jinesh Varia on Amazon Cloud Computing. He included Amazon’s simple storage system, and Amazon’s cloud computing(Ec2) in his presentation. He also helped me to answering people while the demo. He gave me a hint that very soon there will a news from Amazon that will surprise us.

I have uploaded my presentation slides on

Thanks to Impetus Noida for Hosting Barcamp for second time and Opera for Beer.

BarCamp Delhi 3

Everything is set to have a great geeks’ gathering here at BarCamp Delhi 3. There gonna be some useful sessions. Its a good kick start of this winter in Delhi.
This is my second BarCamp, in the first one.. the BarCamp Delhi 2 I didn’t get a chance to present there but this time am presenting a session on Ruby Insights.
Over this year a lot of things have been changed on myside… I am more into business now along with keeping the pace of upcoming technologies, ruby, rails and all what a geek loves to have.
If you have something to talk about a new Web startup Business, Ruby, Rails, Technology, it will be my pleasure to talk to you.

Third Delhi BarCamp

I have a great news for you guys. We are planning Third BarCamp on Saturday, 8 December 2007, in Delhi.
Venue is not finalize yet, We have some options and shortlisting the final one.
We are also waiting for someone to take the sponsorship ;-)
Some people have proposed their sessions, I am proposing two with Manik. List of sessions(as of now):

    * Deploying Rails app on EC2 (Manik Juneja and Akhil Bansal)
    * Comparison of various Rails Hosting services. (Manik Juneja and Akhil Bansal)
    * Using Jmeter for Stress Testing your webapp
    * Desi Social Networking - Visual web ( Swagat Sen )
    * Everyday Productivity with Windows Live Tools (Abhishek Kant)
    * Gurugeeks - A call out for Web Geeks (Navjot Pawera)
    * Web Semantics and Accessibility (Navjot Pawera)

If you are planning to Attend/Present something you or want to help us in any way please visit and add you name in appropriate section.

So see you in the camp ;-)

Excellent! what else I say about Barcamp Delhi 2

Yesterday I was at Barcampdelhi2 sponsored by Opera and supported by Impetus tech. It was my first barcamp ever and it was excellent, great sessions by great people. There were 2 or 3 sessions about web standards and they forced me to think  about web standards. I never take care of them, do you…?
Anyways Thanks to Opera for T-Shirts, Pen, Ball, Lunch and Beer.

You can find BarcampDelhi2 photos at
and slides at