How to avoid digital distraction to maintain work life balance

Digital distraction is the leading problem of today’s human being at the workplace and home. On our desktops, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches we are constantly exposed to messages, notifications, reminders, and pop-ups and it is becoming increasingly difficult to focus on the task at hand and avoid delays.

We all are aware that spending too much time on digital devices can adversely affect our work and personal life, but technology is so pervasive today that it is really hard to stay away from our phones and other devices that cause distraction.

So, what is Digital Distraction?

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How to increase productivity while working from home

Amid Coronavirus outbreak many companies are now having their employees work from home wherever possible, to practice social distancing, in order to keep the employees and others safe in the current global situation. As a consequence, most of us are adapting to new office space, on our couches, living room or at our kitchen tables, trying to complete the work, without the built-in discipline of the office.

Many of us must have occasionally done work from home earlier as well because once a luxury, it is now a mainstay among large companies and small businesses. But in this global lockdown when you have to continuously work from home for a longer span of time, it becomes problematic and impacts productivity, if not managed well. 

When you are not used to working from home you can easily be lured by the procrastination and distractions around you. While COVID-19 is making the move to remote work urgent, new Gartner research shows that by 2030, the demand for work-from-home will increase by 30%. But a workplace poses new challenges. 

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