Capistrano: uploading / downloading directory to / from remote server via SCP or sftp

Hey I found two interesting functions while going through capistrano’s files. There are two functions named “upload” and “download”, which can be used to download and upload directories from / to remote server using scp.

upload(“LOCAL_DIR_PATH”, “REMOTE_PATH”, :via=> :scp, :recursive => true)

download(“REMOTE_PATH”, “LOCAL_DIR_PATH”, :via=> :scp, :recursive => true)

You can also use […]

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Stuck with capistrano

I was deploying my latest code to live site today using Capistrano, and suddenly I stucked in a problem. When I tried to deploy the code, it checked out the latest version on the server and while executing after_symlink task it rolled back. I was surprised because the deploy script was working fine earlier and […]