Integrating SpreeCommerce Store with AWS CloudFront CDN

When your website receives thousands of visitors every day from around the world, we need to ensure that the experience does not deteriorate based on the geographical location of the user. But the reality is bitter and geographical location does plays a role in website's responsiveness.

Why does the geography comes in play when we are showing same content to anyone accessing the site. It's due to the latency at the network level, also known as "Fibre Optic Latency". Same data needs to travel a large distance for one user as the server location is fixed.

We will explore how can we use Content Delivery Network to provide a virtual feeling of server closeness for every user irrespective of different geographical location.

Content Delivery Network allows you to serve the cached content from the edge locations close to user which are also known as Point of Presence, PoP. It reduces the load times, hence, adds to better user experience which reflects in revenues too :)

CDN Edge Cache Servers and Users

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Let's see how can we setup AWS Couldfront (CDN) along with AWS S3 storage for SpreeCommerce.Read more