Need Rails Developers ? 9 reasons to Hire from India

Source : Dr. Nic recently posted an article on advantages of hiring a rails developer from Australia. We are one of the biggest fans of Dr. Nic especially for his contributions to open source world and rails community.  I just wanted to post my ideas on advantages of hiring  rails developer from India. 1. Most Indian software companies require at least a 4 years bachelor’s (and often post-graduate) degree in Computer science or related subjects. 2. There are 113 companies – Working with rails -> country -> India and 590  registered developers  in rails on Railsranking as of today. 3. We have a strong local community…

Presented at BarCampDelhi3

Yesterday, I attended third barcamp in delhi. I presented a session “Deploying rails application in EC2″. It was an amazing experience. We talked about EC2 and I have given a demo “How to deploy rails application on EC2″.
I personally didn’t like some sessions that are based on marketing. There were people from some hosting […]

Third Delhi BarCamp

I have a great news for you guys. We are planning Third BarCamp on Saturday, 8 December 2007, in Delhi.
Venue is not finalize yet, We have some options and shortlisting the final one.
We are also waiting for someone to take the sponsorship 😉
Some people have proposed their sessions, I am proposing two with Manik. List […]