Reporting the first full day Ruby Event in India: The Ruby FunDay

The First Ruby FunDay was held at Impetus Technologies, Noida on 22nd November 2008.

There was a lot of Ruby and a lot of fun.
It was an exciting event with a good number of developers in attendance.

People from various companies already working on Ruby formed the largest part of the attendees. Then there were a few […] Continue reading

Ruby FunDay — First ever full day Ruby Code Burning Station in Delhi, India

Since last one year, there is quite a bit of Ruby and RubyOnRails development happening in India. Still the biggest thing missing here is the official Ruby and Rails meet-ups like RailsConf and RubyConf. Being in Ruby and Rails community since last three years I’ve been attending many events in India but couldn’t find any […] Continue reading

Ruby Fun Day: The first full day Ruby and Ruby on Rails event in India

Here’s announcing the first Ruby and Rails Full Day event in India. It has been in the making for months if not years, and now finally it is going to happen on 22nd of November 2008.
We invite all Rubyists and Rails Lovers in India to participate and give us the enthusiasm to organize Fun-Days regularly.
Call […] Continue reading

Rails presentation and workshop at DayalBagh Educational Institute, Agra, India

Two weeks ago we went to DEI(DayalBagh Educational Institute) to present Ruby and Rails. We also had a whole day workshop there.
It was really a big fun. We (me and my colleagues Sur & Hemant ) enjoyed it very much. People (students of M.Sc, PGDCSA and course coordinator) were very interested in Ruby and Rails. […] Continue reading

ready for RailsConfEurope2006, PizzaonRails

I am Travelling to London this wednesday, to attend the first RailsConf Europe 2006
I will be attending the pre-conference social PizzaOnRails on Wednesday evening. Then the RailsConf on Thursday, Friday.
I will be visiting the Shinnyo-en temple in Surrey on Saturday morning and be back in Central London by the afternoon.
Am flying back to […] Continue reading