How to install RMagick Gem on Linux/Ubuntu

While installing RMagick on Linux, if you are getting errors like this
“GraphicsMagick-config… no configure: error: Can’t install RMagick. Can’t find Magick-config or GraphicsMagick-config program. …”,
below is the solution for this error.
RMagick requires ImageMagick and which further requires loads of dependencies already available to get installed and work properly. I was figuring out of those all, […]

GUI based FTP client for Ubuntu FeistyFawn

Working on command line SSH is quite natural but FTP is a bit heck.
I found it hard to work on command line FTP for my godaddy account specially for removing the remote files and uploading the directories. I found the gFTP very much useful GUI based Ftp client. You can install it from the console […]

Moved fully on Ubuntu FeistyFawn

Hi everybody,
I have moved fully on Ubuntu FeistyFawn
There are lots of cool features in it like …. Run Application(the application launcher, hotkey alt+f2), the DesktopBar(full web and system search including files and folders, hotkey alt+f3) … and the TomBoy notes.
Use ctl+l to open explorer in specific location