Rails presentation and workshop at DayalBagh Educational Institute, Agra, India

Rails presentation at DEITwo weeks ago we went to DEI(DayalBagh Educational Institute) to present Ruby and Rails. We also had a whole day workshop there.
It was really a big fun. We (me and my colleagues Sur & Hemant ) enjoyed it very much. People (students of M.Sc, PGDCSA and course coordinator) were very interested in Ruby and Rails. These students had already worked on PHP/Perl. First day sur presented Ruby basics then I gave a brief introduction of Rails and MVC Architecture. This was my first ever public presentation.Rails presentation at DEI

I was feeling very nervous while starting but later I felt comfortable. Afterward we had ActiveRecord Basics by sur, me on ActionController and ActionView by Hemant. Next day in workshop we planned to get tada list done by students but due to some time constraints we could not finish tada list completely . Students were confused in starting but later on they got interest in the application. After the workshop they were amazed how easily things can be done as comparing to PHP/Perl. I should say thanks to Ritu for taking initiative for this presentation and workshop. She was also supposed to go there but she couldn’t go.

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RoR(Ruby on Rails) in India - Ruby on Rails based Indian Company

Ruby on Rails is creating the storms in the web development all over the world. RoR is even capable to challenge Big Caps like Microsoft’s Asp.NET and so everything else in the specific area. World is continuously changing… The current WEB not solely depends on the old,encoded,paid,stressful technologies but the fresh,open-source,free,joyful technologies like Ruby on Rails are now creating the new highways to connect the WEB… What else ?.. Providing a beautiful atmosphere to web-developers. At the moment the whole world of web-development is cherishing the fresh breeze of RoR.

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