Integration Testing in Ruby on Rails — How to maintain sessions while testing in Rails

Well, its a natural feel to get amazed out of every other delighted feature provided by RubyonRails and so appreciating it before actually talking about the feature in every second post. This line is for those people who have published that the worst thing about rails is that every rails programmer always just focus on the appreciation of rails and not on the framework per se. As i think the reason behind his(let say) perception is that he might not have tried rails and probably in all posts he have been through yet is that he would have got jealous out of gaining popularity of ruby on rails over jsp and asp and else, and therefore he might not be reading the whole post due to which he just remained untouched with the real appreciable features.

Anyhow, here is my post on a fantastic rails feature - Integration Testing…
RoR is the only web application framework which provides an inbuilt high level of testing. Out of the whole testing the most interesting real time testing is Integrations Testing where you can synchronize with the sessions too unlike in the Functional Testing.

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