SpreeOnReact – A SpreeCommerce Storefront built on ReactJS

Overview Spree Commerce is one of the best open source e-commerce platform written in Ruby language. It boasts of its feature completeness coupled with a vast ecosystem of extensions and quick pace of development. SpreeOnReact is an open source SpreeCommerce front-end solution built entirely on Facebook’s ReactJS library. It provides a set of core e-commerce functionalities from where you can start adding more features instead of building everything from the ground up. The library is compatible with Spree 3.1 and Spree 3.2 .

Announcing NectarCommerce, Vinsol’s Open Source Elixir/Phoenix Project

Elixir coupled with the Phoenix Framework provides one of the most powerful platforms for developing Web and Mobile Applications. It’s capability of producing highly reliable fault-tolerant systems has attracted developers worldwide. Vinsol is delighted to announce the release of it’s open-source E-Commerce Phoenix Project, NectarCommerce It’s being developed with an intent to serve as an off-the-shelf and easily customizable e-commerce solution, harnessing the high concurrency and better throughput supported by Elixir/PhoenixFramework. Source Code is available on Github Live Demonstration User Interface Username: alice@example.com Password: foobar Admin Interface Username: bob@example.com Password: secured You can follow the updates on Twitter @NectarCommerce. Any suggestions, improvements or contributions are welcome.

Vinsol’s Spree Commerce Open Source Android App is out now!

Android dominates the smartphone market with a share of 82.8%**. Talking about  Ecommerce, it is a little older than 20 years now and needless to say, is growing exponentially. Quick question! What would be the fastest and cheapest way out for bringing your store online? A way which would not compromise on quality and serves your needs right. How about building your store using an open source Ecommerce framework. It’s pretty obvious for you to consider Spree Commerce for this as it perfectly fits into the picture of an ideal Ecommerce storefront and a systematic & easy to use backend. It’s one of the most robust and refined…

‘Launching Soon’ – Helping Startups Build Online Identity Even before the Actual Launch

The process of brand building begins even before the actual website is launched. To have an eye-catching temporary ‘Launching Soon’ page can do a world of good for your online brand identity. It is the first step that lets you create initial buzz about your business and, therefore, it becomes imperative to have a dedicated ‘Launching Soon’ or ‘Coming Soon’ page in place. Needless to say that an aesthetic landing page embosses a long lasting and distinctive impression in the visitors’ psyche, ensuring a successful first step in climbing the long ladder. Quick Introduction about ‘Launching Soon’ ‘Launching Soon’ is a simple rails plugin that helps rails…

My 8 predictions if IBM acquires Sun Microsystem

There are rumours on IBM aquiring Sun Microsystem for $6.5B. Is it going to change things around for people? I have some predictions 1.  IBM offering MySQL to smaller companies IBM already  have DB2, Cloudscape, solidDB, Informix. But, most are targeted at enterprise customers. By purchasing MySql, IBM can use that as a step towards their database offering for smaller companies. 2. Nothing will happen to Java Java is in the hands of the JCP.And we hope it will not change anything around there. But I am not sure about upcoming stuff like JavaFX and SWT. IBM likes java a lot but I dont think there will…