SpreeOnReact – A SpreeCommerce Storefront built on ReactJS

Overview Spree Commerce is one of the best open source e-commerce platform written in Ruby language. It boasts of its feature completeness coupled with a vast ecosystem of extensions and quick pace of development. SpreeOnReact is an open source SpreeCommerce front-end solution … Continue reading

Announcing NectarCommerce, Vinsol’s Open Source Elixir/Phoenix Project

Elixir coupled with the Phoenix Framework provides one of the most powerful platforms for developing Web and Mobile Applications. It’s capability of producing highly reliable fault-tolerant systems has attracted developers worldwide. Vinsol is delighted to announce the release of it’s … Continue reading

‘Launching Soon’ – Helping Startups Build Online Identity Even before the Actual Launch

The process of brand building begins even before the actual website is launched. To have an eye-catching temporary ‘Launching Soon’ page can do a world of good for your online brand identity. It is the first step that lets you … Continue reading

RubyOnRails Plugin: Auto Tags

Announcing the release of this tiny useful plugin AutoTags.
A couple of weeks ago I travelled to Mumbai in train which was a long 17hrs journey… and I utilized that by coding down the idea while travelling. So here it comes…
AutoTags, an open source project, is a plugin for RubyOnRails applications to automatically generate the relevant […] Continue reading