‘Launching Soon’ – Helping Startups Build Online Identity Even before the Actual Launch

The process of brand building begins even before the actual website is launched. To have an eye-catching temporary ‘Launching Soon’ page can do a world of good for your online brand identity. It is the first step that lets you … Continue reading

Edge Rails: Now define you plugin’s routes in plugin’s config/routes.rb

If you wrote/writing a rails plugin that need to have an entry in rails routing, you need not to ask your plugin users to make that entry in RAILS_ROOT/config/routes.rb manually any more. In the latest version of rails you can add your custum routes in your plugin config/routes.rb file. Rails will automatically load those routes.

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RubyOnRails Plugin: Auto Tags

Announcing the release of this tiny useful plugin AutoTags.
A couple of weeks ago I travelled to Mumbai in train which was a long 17hrs journey… and I utilized that by coding down the idea while travelling. So here it comes…
AutoTags, an open source project, is a plugin for RubyOnRails applications to automatically generate the relevant […] Continue reading

Plugin: Validate Attributes – validate one or more specific attributes

Hi all,
I found an answer(a tweak) to the question which was pinging my mind while working on my current project that How to validate one or more specific attribute of the model(field of the table i mean)?, as the requirement was to save a record after validating the model’s object through 4 steps ie. 4 […] Continue reading