‘Launching Soon’ – Helping Startups Build Online Identity Even before the Actual Launch

The process of brand building begins even before the actual website is launched. To have an eye-catching temporary ‘Launching Soon’ page can do a world of good for your online brand identity. It is the first step that lets you … Continue reading

Edge Rails: Now define you plugin’s routes in plugin’s config/routes.rb

If you wrote/writing a rails plugin that need to have an entry in rails routing, you need not to ask your plugin users to make that entry in RAILS_ROOT/config/routes.rb manually any more. In the latest version of rails you can add your custum routes in your plugin config/routes.rb file. Rails will automatically load those routes.

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Presented faceted search using ultrasphinx

The first ruby funday held on 22nd Nov 2008 in New Delhi, India. I presented on faceted search using ultrasphinx. I also gave a live demo there. Here are the slides:
Facet Searching using Ultrasphinx
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: sphinx ultrasphinx)

You can ask me if you have any doubt.

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Getting ActiveScaffold to work with Rails 2.2 edge

Due to the way template handling works in Rails 2.2, activeScaffold does not work on edge rails anymore.
Thanks to Dr.Gaffo there is fix for the problem in his fork of ActiveScaffold. Get the edge branch of his fork at http://github.com/gaffo/active_scaffold/tree/edge which is compatible with edge Rails.
Even after this you might face some problems […] Continue reading