Acts_as_solr: Starting solr server on windows

I was using acts_as_searchable for one of my project, which uses Hyperestraier in background. Yesterday I decided to use acts_as_solr which uses solr(based on Lucene Java search library). I did all written in its Manual/Readme, but when I issued

rake solr:start

to start the solr server, it threw a heart breaking “Bad file descriptor” error, […]

Careful while using Exception Notifier Plugin

Exception Notifier Plugin can make you crazy as it made me yesterday.
Let me explain, I was using this plugin for one of my project and our server got a DOS attack. We were requested some URLs that doesn’t exists, like etc… . I had registered my gmail account to get notifiers. And due […]

Plugin: Exception Notifier; Get detail information of exceptions occurred on the live server right on your inbox.

I don’t know whether you guys are aware of Exception Notifier plugin written by Jamis Buck or not. If you don’t then I would like to share this with you.
The Exception Notifier plugin provides a mailer object and a default set of templates for sending email notifications when errors occur in a Rails application. The […]