Rails Hackfest August-07

I participated in August Rails Hackfest which was a great experience.
You can see the missing August 2007 from the Post Archives. I didn’t post anything last month as I was busy in submitting rails patches. I submitted a lot of patches out of which I got one patch committed to the rails code under changeset 7362 which was about optimizing the code of ActiveRecord Validation validates_presence_of filed under the ticket 9392. Me and kampers got a collaborated patch accepted under the changeset 7383 which was a tiny patch for improving documentation of Action Controller filed under the ticket 9454. Many of my patches got rejected as well by the more experienced Rails Contributors but still, many patches are there to be analyzed by the Rails Core Team.

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Second delhi.rb meetup - Some Advance Ruby Skills

Hey Everyone,
Vinsol is proudly taking charge to spread Rubyism in delhi and to grow the Ruby & Rails communities here in New Delhi, India. We are organizing delhi.rb meetups around once every month, the meetup is all about ruby and rails as well. The meetup was on 19th July 2007 was our second meetup, first was on 22nd June 2007.

Manik presenting SOLR
Manik presenting SOLRRead more

How to install RMagick Gem on Linux/Ubuntu

While installing RMagick on Linux, if you are getting errors like this
“GraphicsMagick-config… no configure: error: Can’t install RMagick. Can’t find Magick-config or GraphicsMagick-config program. …”,
below is the solution for this error.

RMagick requires ImageMagick and which further requires loads of dependencies already available to get installed and work properly. I was figuring out of those all, and thank god got a quite simple and elegant way to do all that in just three commands.
First you will have to install imagemagick then libmagick9-dev and then finally you can install rmagick.Read more

Plugin: Validate Attributes - validate one or more specific attributes

Hi all,
I found an answer(a tweak) to the question which was pinging my mind while working on my current project that How to validate one or more specific attribute of the model(field of the table i mean)?, as the requirement was to save a record after validating the model’s object through 4 steps ie. 4 different forms. Although i found something in the Rails API to put some step constraints on the validations in the model, but i didn’t find it that much flexible so i wrote a snippet which validates one or more specific attributes and can also save the record on the basis of validating specific attributes. Then i thought to pluginize it, as it might be usefulRead more

Simple Captcha Released

Hey guys, finally i have released the captcha plugin for public usage.

Check it out here