Does Agile Manifesto Need Changes? The 10 Years Experience!

I delivered a presentation on the above topic earlier this year at an Agile Conference in NCR, India. I have summed up my thoughts below. On a cold winter morning of 13 Feb 2001, at a ski resort in Utah, the Agile Manifesto was born. The newborn had 17 fathers (ahem ahem), all stalwarts of the software industry, trying to be Agile in their own way, ahead of their times. Though some leading software practitioners were following some form of Agile (without calling it that), the real precipitation of thoughts happened in February 2001. And thus emerged the Agile methodology of software development as we have come…

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VinSol’s certified Scrum Master

Aditya is VinSol’s first certified Scrum Master.

Ever since he completed his training, we have had a much better control over and understanding of the Scrum process that we use for our projects, leading to a much better control over our projects.
Thanks to Aditya, the wall just across my cabin is now full of Product […]