Simple Captcha : Update

After getting loads of emails, I’ve put the RMagick back in the plugin simple_captcha to provide various image styles and different level of distortions. The main reason for including it back is that people found it was hard for to apply their own styles.
Still the filesystem is not used in the plugin, neither for the […]

Simple Captcha : Update

Finally after long wait, the next stable release of the fun-du, simple and useful plugin SimpleCaptcha is here!. Major changes have been incorporated to the plugin in this release 1.2.0 of the plugin.
Which includes…

Removal of RMagick
Removal of using FileSystem
Compatible with distributed environment with multiple clustered servers
Complete hassles free plugin!! No issue while integrating with […]

Simple Captcha reloaded

Hi all,
After really long time, I have started the further development for enhancements on the plugin Simple Captcha. Keep an eye here… You will gonna find nice things. I have some really required, useful and cool things to implement and get it to the version 2.0 with all things incorporated in that. There are a […]