10 little known ways to find a ruby on rails team for your next project

Every time we talk to our clients, we find that they are not aware of a lot of options through which they can find a good rails developer. Usually, clients go to odesk and other freelance websites to find rails developers. Following are  10 more ways to find  rails company/developer for your next dream project : Post your requirements on twitter with hashtag #ruby #ror #rails Search for a directory of rails companies. You can search for specific services with your budget ranges. Working with Rails – Again a directory of rails developers and companies. You can browse through specific industry categories. Local Ruby Meetups – The…

Git Error: trailing whitespace, indent SP followed by a TAB, unresolved merge conflict

I have been using Git from last few days, and faced following errors while committing:
1) Trailing whitespace
2) Indent SP followed by a TAB
3) Unresolved merge conflict
The first error “Trailing whitespace” is because of carriage-return/line-feed(windows style line feed/end). To resolve this problem comment following lines(58-60) in .git/hooks/pre-commit file:

if (/\s$/) {
bad_line(“trailing […]

Git – Fast Version Control System

Git is getting popular in Rails community these days, as there were being many changes in rails to support Git.
Git is a open sourse fast version controller system. It was originally designed by Linus Torvalds to handle large projects. It was inspired by Monotone & BitKeeper. It is a distributed version controlling system. It gives […]

Ruby Script for SVN commit notification with log message, list of updated files and readable colored SVN Diff

Some days ago I wrote a post about “SVN commit notification” which uses a perl script for sending commit notification with svn diff by mail. In this mail you can find svn diff from the last committed revision. I used to love this mail, soon I realized that it is a bit ugly and difficult […]