Hosting Rails app and WordPress on same domain(as folder instead of subdomain)

Hey guys, Yesterday I did an interesting server configuration. Actually we had a rails app hosted on server which is using passenger(a.k.a mod_rails). This application can be access by going to . Also we had a wordpress running which could be access by going to
But, for SEO sake I had to change […]

WordPress as CMS

While searching for a CMS for a client website, we started experimenting with “WordPress as a CMS”. Though we have been using WP as a blogging tool for a long time now, it was the first time we considered it for as a pure CMS application. Reading the various documents at WP codex site, we created some pages. Then we created the navigation menus. Everything we needed was easily available or needed just very little hacking. And while working on the client’s site, we decided it was time to move our own site (this site) to wordpress too. And voila, we have new website running on WP…

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