Net Neutrality - Is it Neutral?

What is Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality simply means that you are in control of what you do on the Internet. Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should not discriminate or promote any form of data over the internet. It prevents ISPs from charging differentially based on content, user, site, etc.


Why this fuss about Net Neutrality in India?

In December 2014, Airtel, a leading telecom network and ISP, changed its service terms for 2G and 3G data packs so that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) data was excluded from the set amount of free data. So, Airtel would levy additional charges for making voice calls using Read more

Web’s Horoscope for 2007

2007 Richard MacManus, Ebrahim Ezzy, Emre Sokullu, Alex Iskold and Rudy De Waele have made predictions of the trends to be followed in 2007 by web community. You will see Web 2.0 in its full blow in 2007. Wanna see the web2.0 speeding towards web 3.0 … jus follow the latest drift this year. Read all the predictions here. I am looking forward for the year of Google, Seach 2.0, RSS and of course last but not the least Rails 1.2 :)

Online Forms By Wufoo (Beta)

Wufoo is a web-based tool to help you build and host amazing online forms. In only a few minutes, you can create a mailing list, survey, or even a customer management system.

For now in the beta version of Wufoo, Beta Accounts can create 10 forms, use 25MB of disk space for file upload, utilize all field types in their forms, and collect an unlimited amount of entries. If you need more, let us know and we’ll work something out. For those worried about what’s going to happen to your stuff when Wufoo goes live, don’t worry. They will not delete any of your forms or entries (you’ll always get to keep what you collected and used during beta), but you will lose the ability to create some forms and be limited by the features of the plan you settle on. So, for example, if you decide that you just want to use the free plan after beta, you won’t be allowed to use file upload anymore.

I think its very usefule for Indian Organisations which doesnt have any chance yet to host their sites online and needs window form submission.