How to increase productivity while working from home

Amid Coronavirus outbreak many companies are now having their employees work from home wherever possible, to practice social distancing, in order to keep the employees and others safe in the current global situation. As a consequence, most of us are adapting to new office space, on our couches, living room or at our kitchen tables, trying to complete the work, without the built-in discipline of the office.

Many of us must have occasionally done work from home earlier as well because once a luxury, it is now a mainstay among large companies and small businesses. But in this global lockdown when you have to continuously work from home for a longer span of time, it becomes problematic and impacts productivity, if not managed well. 

When you are not used to working from home you can easily be lured by the procrastination and distractions around you. While COVID-19 is making the move to remote work urgent, new Gartner research shows that by 2030, the demand for work-from-home will increase by 30%. But a workplace poses new challenges. 

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How to make your employees feel fulfilled

Make your employees fulfilled rather than happy

If companies want to remain competitive, hire talented people and boost productivity, they must make it easier for their employees to be fulfilled through their work. A new PwC/CECP study shows seventy percent of workers said they would give up their current role if they felt that there is another role/company which can make them more fulfilled than the present one. Employees are even ready to go for a lower pay scale to attain satisfaction.  

Gone are the days when employees looked upon incentive as a means to make them happy, but now it is more about fulfillment.  

By fulfillment I mean the feeling you have when you gain a sense of purpose and work in harmony with your natural motivation. As the boundaries between work and life continue to blur, employees want to explore and pursue opportunities that make sense to them. 

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What's New in Core Location

Apple showcased a lot of major changes in WWDC19, with SwiftUI creating a lot of buzz among the developers. But there were also some other changes that are important and will be affecting the user experience right now. One of them is the updates in the Core Location framework.

iOS 13 improves user privacy related to location sharing. If your app needs the location of the user to recommend or display content, you may need to investigate if your app is still running properly.

Starting from iOS 13, users will be getting a new option to share their location just once. They’ve also empowered While in Use permission and changed many other things. Assuming that you have already worked with Core Location before, let's discuss the updates in detail.

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How Mobile App Development Has Brought A Revolution In The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare app development
Healthcare App Development by Vinsol

How can a smartphone app possibly help medical practitioners, when their goal is to analyze the symptoms and recommend suitable treatment?

Per my understanding until now, I was not flexible with the idea of how a healthcare app can benefit doctors and other healthcare professionals to treat patients. I thought till now, that the medical sector should have been left untouched with the furtherance of what we call ‘programming, software, lines of codes, etc.’ After all, I believed that a physician’s practice should be old school.

Thoughts like, ‘what if a mobile app does not work one day and the doctor is unable to treat a patient without it’ always hindered my opinion about combining software and medicine.

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Vinsol declared as a Top Magento Development Company by!

Vinsol recognized as Top Magento Developers USA
Vinsol recognized as Top Magento Developers USA

Team Vinsol is happy to share that we are announced as a top Magento Development service provider by, a popular review and research platform.

Vinsol has always been a pioneer in providing state of the art web services. We never miss a chance to make our clients’ ideas successful and their business profitable through our proficient Magento eCommerce development services. For this, we are honored in a press release about the top Magento developers published by

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