Customizing Layout for UICollectionView

Almost every application contain a list screen where a vertical/horizontal list of scrollable items is used. Except a few, almost all cases can be fulfilled either by a TableView, or a CollectionView using Flow-Layout. In this post, we will be working on one of such few cases, creating a Custom CollectionView Layout for implementing a Mark-Sheet layout, showing user’s achieved marks in their respective subjects like:

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Is Spree Commerce The Right E-commerce Platform For You

Why choose spreecommerce

Spree Commerce is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms to deliver feature-rich online storefronts. It is a REST API-based framework with a lightweight modular architecture that can build scalable online stores to handle even millions of users in a single day.

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Vinsol Ranked Among The Top iOS & Android App Development Companies In 2019

$200 Billion. That’s the number that mobile app economy is poised to register globally in 2021. From $50 Billion in 2012, various forms of monetization models in the smartphone industry have contributed to an immense surge in the ecosystem of consumers, enigmatic product innovations, and the profession of app development itself.

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Does Your E-commerce Store Need A Mobile App, When It Already Has A Mobile-friendly Website?

The question of how an e-commerce store can improve your business is best answered by recent developments according to which Amazon’s valuation could skyrocket to a colossal $1.3 Trillion in 2020.

Tracking down the U.S. Department of Commerce figures, e-commerce sales alone in 2018 accounted for about 15% of the entire retail sales in the United States, totaling to over $515 billion that U.S. customers spent just to shop online.

With this information, multiple sources estimate that about 75% of all online purchases are being made on mobile devices and most people prefer to use smartphone applications over mobile websites.

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Clutch ranks Vinsol among the top Ruby on Rails developers

27 May 2019, San Francisco, CA - Vinsol has been selected as one of the best Ruby on Rails developers on - an esteemed independent platform to find in-depth and unbiased client feedback for various businesses and service providers. is a data-driven firm which scrutinizes and ranks top-performing companies and service providers based on client testimonials, competitors comparison, case studies, data-driven content and industry data analysis.

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