Vinsol Listed Amongst The Top Wearables App Development Companies by Mobile App Daily

Top Wearables App Development Companies In 2019: A Research Conducted By

08 May 2019, San Francisco, CA - Vinsol has been named as one of the best Wearable App Development Companies by MobileAppDaily - a popular tech platform with a readership of over 300,000 followers worldwide.

MobileAppDaily recognized Vinsol’s growing popularity in the segment of wearable technology after going through their recent projects and carefully monitoring the performance of end-products developed by Vinsol, along with the type and size of clientele they handle.

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Building your first app - Should it be on iOS or Android

Whether you have a great idea to serve the general population or a quirky resolution to a problem that a particular set of audience faces, making a mobile app has become a necessity for a number of businesses.

Smartphones enable us to access unlimited information, make connections, and use the internet on-the-go to work on complex production tasks. Some of us would argue that the global smartphone market is oversaturated, but we believe in facts that prove this otherwise. It is because a lot of unimaginable ways are being invented for ease of doing business and mobile apps have a huge potential in the future to make our lives better.

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Marketplace Model

Today’s day and age is the age of Sharing economy and marketplaces. The biggest taxi operator today owns no cars, the biggest hospitality company does not own any hotels, the biggest food service providers do not own restaurants or kitchens. All of this has been made possible by the marketplace model.
Starting your own e-commerce business is well within your reach now. There are plenty of automation tools and high-tech resources available to assist you with scaling your business. What would be your next big move, it is up to you!


The marketplace model provides a huge opportunity for growth and is already showing an effective result for various businesses. You might be wondering:

What is Marketplace Model

Online store (marketplace) where multiple sellers/vendors come together to sell their products to customers. The store is owned by the administrator, who invites multiple sellers/vendors in the exchange of a commission or a fixed listing fee.

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Creating Promotion with SpreeCommerce

The Spree cart’s promotions functionality allows admin to offer coupons and discounts to site’s users, based on the conditions you choose. Running promotions and marketing campaigns are ideal ways to promote your products and services. Creating excitement ensures driving customers to you and your brands. Doing so, admin can:-

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Increase customer traffic
  3. Make quick decisions
  4. Build sales and profit
  5. Strengthen the focus on marketing

Here are few built-in promotion schemes that you can easily execute on Spree:

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Apple Pay on Web-Integration with Rails-Part 1

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a simple and secure way to make purchases in stores, in apps and also on the Web. Users can now make payments at all of the above with just a touch on their iPhones.

Apple Pay Demo

In this series of blogs, we will guide you to integrate Apple Pay in your web application and start accepting payments through it.

This series consists of following blog posts:

  1. Register Merchant ID, domain, and generate certificates
  2. Create merchant session, show payment modal and authorize payment
  3. Decrypt Apple Pay JSON response

Lets get started with the first one.

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