Integrating Interswitch WebPay Payment Gateway With Rails

Interswitch WebPay is a leading Nigerian payment gateway and integrating WebPAY with any website is fairly simple. At a high level this integration can be achieved with following steps:

  • Calculate a request hash based on input parameters like transaction reference, amount, callback url etc. to ensure transaction integrity.
  • Provide a URL at which WebPAY would post back the authorization response (callback url).
  • POST these transaction details to WebPAY page
  • Once the transaction is done, query the transaction details directly from WebPAY to ensure the actual transaction amount and the transaction status.

To integrate WebPay with any rails application seamlessly we have extracted the code into WebPay Interswitch Gem.Read more

Full-Calendar Rails Engine

A couple of years ago we integrated jQuery FullCalendar plugin with a rails backend. The plugin became reasonably popular and was being used in many Rails apps.

Recently we upgraded it to include an efficient full-sized, drag & drop calendar functionality within a Rails Engine and release it as a gem. With Rails 4 deprecating Rails::Plugin(commit) this would come really handy.

It easily blends within a rails application. Provides a great UI experience with the use of AJAX to fetch events on-the-fly for each month and hooks for user-triggered events (like clicking or dragging an event) for an easy event editing functionality. The view can be easily customized using the configurations provided.

A demo version of this engine implementation can be viewed at

Work in progress : Optimizing Recurring Event functionality.

Source code is hosted on github. Feel free to fork and send a pull request etc.