Meet Vinsol at RailsConf 2010

Vinsol will be attending the RailsConf 2010 (June 7 – June 10).
Manik, Rishav and Gaurav will be there in Baltimore learning cool stuff and interacting with some cool rails developers. If you happen to be around, we would like to meet you! Drop us a comment, an e-mail , or catch Vinsol on Twitter.

RailsConf Day 1 - Links to slides and blog posts

  • This is the official link for all the presentation files, so whenever you are looking for PPTs , this is the first place

Please add any other userful links which I missed through comments. Looking forward for day 2. We are wearing black t -shirts with Vinsol printed in red.

Why RailsConf at Las Vegas is a great opportunity for the community ?

Just few hours before start of rails conf 09 ,  people have started assembling in Las Vegas.  Attendees reaching early are already finding themselves busy , I was following twitter stream of #railsconf  and  found some interesting tweets which you usually don't find before a major tech conference :

: more than doubled my money playing blackjack tonight. #railsconf

:On my 27th hour and drunk with in Vegas! #railsconf

:any other old fights we can drudge up? Let's turn RailsConf into a 1,000+ person free-for-all brawl.

:really excited for @railsconf - had 4 people tell me not to lose too much money. i wasn't aware i had a gambling problem. (denial)

And , people opposing the idea of rails conf in LV will be very happy looking at these tweets but they miss a very major point which objo puts it beautifully and why our team at Vinsol is attending railsconf :

objo: But thinking about the event and all the friends I get to see and I'm stoked. Location really does not matter. Some of the brightest minds I know get together once a year in the summer. What gets discussed months ahead of time? #railsconf

As a part of rails community, I would appeal all of the people coming to railsconf09 to work hard and play harder . It's an opportunity for all of us to show that we are one of the best  community in the world with respect for everyone and some sense of humour.  Looking forward to meet all of you

5+4 = 9 Fresh Apps to Maximize your RailsConf 09 Experience

We will be again going to Rails Conf this year and are pretty psyched about meeting all the great developers in the conference.  Here is a list of 5 apps(most related to twitter in some way) that I feel are pretty useful for any attendee :

  • Rails Conf TweetUps - A really cool app that lets you upload your conf  schedule and and check who among your followers and friends are going to which sessions.
  • Conf - This is our small app developed in last 24 hours. Idea is to aggregate and rate all the offers, jobs, discount coupons and freebies at rails conf 09.  All the offers in this app come directly from YOU, the attendees.  Why don't you post the first offer now ?
  • - This is not related to conf directly but is scheduled to launch in railsconf 09.  Obie's idea of improving the quality of rails service provider by exploring best practices considered atleast.


  • RailsBridge - Its a great effort to create friendly and accessible ruby on rails community after recent incidents. Something positive is always good.

In case you have idea about more apps for railsconf' 09, feel free to post comments here.

Catch you in Vegas. Follow Us on Twitter @the_vinsol

We are going to Rails Conf 2009

RailsConf 2009

Yes, We are going to Rails Conf this year.  Manik, Gaurav and Rishav(subject to his getting the visa) will be attending the RailsConf 2009. Are you going to be there too? Drop us comment, an e-mail , follow Vinsol on Twitter. Let's get together for some ruby talk, beer and a beverage.