Revolutionizing the way people have breakfast

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Brødboksen is one of the fastest growing companies in Norway which provides freshly baked products and other grocery items at the doorstep early in the morning. Brødboksen has been operating since Nov 2014 and approached Vinsol with just an idea to bring an e-commerce store to life in May 2016.


Vinsol was asked to build an interactive and scalable system in a very short span of time and eventually to support the highly agile nature of the business, achieve automation in various processes of the supply chain management and deliver a seamless and faster customer experience.


Vinsol moved Brødboksen’s entire business to a SpreeCommerce based application where NodeJS was used for powering the API and ReactJS for the frontend. The first iteration of the system was launched within 6 weeks and made it one of the fastest growing companies in Norway.

Shortly after the launch of the e-commerce platform, Vinsol builds the complete mobile presence for Brødboksen on the iOS and Android platforms and launched a custom solution to make it easy for customers to place orders in a mobile first environment.



The key highlights for this online shopping experience from others included the following:

  • One Click order placement with order creation in less than 1 second
  • The advanced packaging system considers parameters like dimensions, temperature, isolated products, etc resulting in reduced usage of packing resources.
  • Procurement via an intelligent estimate algorithm that uses machine learning and calculates sale/purchase estimates for all products.
  • ‘Dynamic routing’ prepares custom delivery routes daily, based on demography and the number of orders.
  • Automated stock management with power to admin for any overrides (if needed).
  • A Real-time Dashboard for monitoring the business and data analysis.
  • A custom Driver Mobile App on Android for well guided and easy deliveries.


Vinsol shifted Brødboksen’s entire business to a Spree based application where Node was used for API and React for the frontend. The system was launched in merely 6 weeks time!

They became one of the fastest growing companies in Norway.

For growth and further expansion, experimentation of business ideas is an essential requirement and thus we took rapid iterations through the development-release cycles along with managing focus on quality and devising multiple ways and algorithms for making the overall supply chain management more efficient. During this period the customer base grew more than 10x from 6,000 to a whopping 68,000.

Raised more than USD $3 Million  in 2017

With a hassle free one-click order, door-to-door payments and subscriptions, Brødboksen has revolutionized breakfast grocery ordering in Norway. With a targeted and segmented product release supplemented by intelligent delivery routing, the bread is always fresh when the customer receives the order.

Brødboksen was named “The Wizard of the Year” in Norwegian shopping.