Feature-Packed Ecommerce Solution

SpreeCommerce • Ruby on rails • Vue.js


Brosa is the next-generation furniture and homewares retailer helping customers create beautiful homes effortlessly! Delivering designer furniture and homewares directly to customers, Brosa represents a new wave of software-enabled retail brands building exceptional customer experiences by owning the entire value chain from product development, manufacturing, and delivery.


To re-design the store from scratch plus implementing website localization in order to provide more shopping flexibility to the customers.


Vinsol migrated the entire business to SpreeCommerce. Our competence over SpreeCommerce helps us customize every solution we offer to our customers.

Our team of designers and developers implemented the system to manage assets and speed up data flow, increasing the speed of the platform. Vinsol collaborated with the client, understood their requirements for website localization based on multiple variations in pages depending on user location. To execute this, A/B testing was done using Visual Website Optimizer tool.


  • Built the customer marketing platform for retail
  • Auto email generation on custom events like saving cart, price drop, low stock etc
  • Digital asset optimization – Saving bytes and improving the performance of the website
  • Room inspiration – Fresh ideas from other Brosa customers using Instagram integration
  • Design service – Online survey tool to design your dream home
  • Save cart – Users(both guest and logged in) can save their cart.
  • Fast search – Using smarter spell corrector, recommendations & finders
  • Search engine optimization
  • Visual filtering – instantly updates the product grid with shoppers selections avoiding page reloads.


Since launch, we have delivered two versions of BROSA on spree. Version 1 in 2017 and Version 2 2018 which has resulted in steady growth in sales and user base.