Career FAQs

Frequently asked questions about working at Vinsol

We are sure you have a lot of questions about what it’s like to work at Vinsol, which is why we have listed here the most commonly asked questions. Please note that these FAQs are explicitly for the hiring being done in the India team.

Vinsol started as a services firm. We continue to provide services –  but now we also have three of our own products – STADIUM, Orthoscience and uLesson. We have equity positions in these three.

Even in providing services, when we work on building products for customers – we are working on developing cutting edge products for big companies like L’oreal, Lancome, Skinceuticals, Chevron as well as startups like Brosa and StrivePD, to name a few.

When you join Vinsol you have the flexibility to work on any of our owns products. or you can help build a customer’s product. We are a very fluid team – so you can also switch if you want.

Vinsol is not a startup but is an enabler of startups. 

The products we have talked about above are all independent start-ups, and have their own funding and P&Ls.

Working on our own products and those of our customers – you would find the team members here talking about Bootstrapping to Growth Hacking, “Leap of Faith” Lean assumptions to Obsessing over data – all in a single day.

We are a team of over 100+passionate people, working in 7 different locations around the world trying to build amazing products.

All vacancies at Vinsol are listed here – Or you can simply click on Careers in the header of our website.

We do have an email ID for the candidates to contact in case they have any query. But please remember that we do not review or respond to unsolicited resume submissions via email. We only process CV/resumes that are sent when applying to a specific vacancy on our Recruiterbox page.

Generally, we look for a strong desire to learn, a passion for technology, willingness to work hard, rock-solid skills in the field you have applied for, a desire to excel, and an ability to work in harmony with co-workers. 

If you are a fresher, we are happy to train you on the skills that we need for our product – just bring your grit and enthusiasm.

Yes we do offer opportunity to entry level – fresher candidates and provide training. Even though it is a training, and for some roles a long one, say 6 months, you get a full salary throughout the training.

  • Flexible work hours
  • Work from home facility
  • Paid Maternity and Paternity leaves
  • Marriage leaves
  • Team outings
  • Performance bonus
  • Paid holidays
  • Option to choose the work location closest to where you live – so you don’t have to commute unnecessarily
  • Gourmet Coffee and Tea at the office
  • Company provided Macbook for most positions
  • Wear shorts and flip flops to work (really matters if you are in Delhi NCR during the summer)
  • Full remote positions available for self-driven and disciplined candidates.

We work 5 days a week. But if you are a fresher undergoing training then during your training period you will be asked to work 6 days a week till you complete your training. So you better work hard (read fast) during the training, finish it soon and enjoy a 5 day work week.

We take pride in sharing that our culture is the foundation of our success and it’s completely people-oriented. From exchanging ideas to brainstorming for the best possible solutions or wanting to learn something new – we encourage our employees to do it all by allowing them the freedom of putting forward their opinions/suggestions and giving them the flexibility of working in a certain manner. Though situated in various locations, we still are a close-knit team where everyone is easily approachable and always ready to help. Collectively, this has resulted in a culture where everyone is passionate about what they do and is always looking forward to learning from others.

We have a bond/service agreement of 2 years, but only for Freshers. 

We spend a lot of effort – time and energy in training freshers. In an ideal world, a bond would not be needed – but unfortunately, we have had experiences where some people joined us to take advantage of our superb training – so now we have a bond to ensure only serious candidates who will serve us for a reasonable time after the training are hired.

You can reapply after 6 months –  if you feel that you have greatly improved during this tenure for that particular job profile.

If you have applied and not heard back from us then there is a possibility that your profile has not been shortlisted. With a high number of applications that we receive each day, it is not possible to answer each one of them. In other cases, you will hear back from us with a status update within 2-3 days of your interview.

Yes, as far as we are concerned –  it is absolutely secure. To be very frank, it is something which is more under your control than ours –  We encourage you to keep on learning and contributing towards the growth of the company. 

If we ever feel that your performance is not up to the mark we give you ample chances to make it better.

We are proud to share that more than 50% of our employees have been working with us for 5+ years. There are at least 6 senior people on the team who have been with us for about 10 years.

Is your question not listed here? Drop us an email at with your query. We will be happy to answer. And if enough people ask the same question, we will add it here too and give a hat tip to you!