Kitchen display system for a chain of restaurants

iOS • Ruby on rails


Dig Inn (which is now DIG) is a farm-to-table food company with over 20 locations in New York and the Northeast, serving seasonal vegetables and culinary comfort food on an urban scale. It is built on a culture of driven curiosity and ambitious innovation to offer a simple, healthy, affordable meal.

With multiple restaurants operating from different locations, the Dig’s kitchen staff was facing problems in managing online orders, with their prevailing manual order management system. They needed a system that can help their staff view and keep a track of all the online orders in real-time.

DIG approached Vinsol with their business challenges and our team suggested an apt order management solution and an iPad app eliminate the chaos created by paperwork.


Vinsol built a kitchen display system for DIG, during which the team faced the following challenges

  • Integrate with third-party tools like PubNub, Deputy API
  • Design a reliable architecture so that no orders are missed while transferring them from third party tool to the app
  • Integrate printer with the iPad app for printing receipts 
  • Mapping of items on Brandibble
  • Syncing login of multiple users on different iPads across a working station


After analyzing the client’s business problems, Vinsol built a backend system on Ruby on Rails for taking orders via Brandibble and an iPad app for the service staff. 

After an order is received, the rails app sends out messages over the PubNub channel to which multiple iPads are subscribed and then the backend app listens to all events in the pubnub channel to make sure all activity is recorded and the orders are updated accordingly. To print a receipt for each order the iPad app is connected to the printer through Wifi.

To build this comprehensive system the team used multiple third party tools like Pubnub, Sentry and Sendgrid.


  • Show all the orders grouped by time slots for the selected location.
  • Real time status update of the orders
  • Sends order status updates back to Brandibble system.
  • Detailed printed receipt of all orders 
  • Alert users in the kitchen if upcoming orders exist and iPad is inactive from a specified time.
  • Upload orders data to Google Big Query


With the Kitchen display system and the app, developed by Vinsol, the DIG service staff can now see all the online orders on their iPad screens and complete the orders in a sequential order. With real time sync, the service staff is updated as soon as an order is started by another member or an order is completed. This has improved the overall efficiency of DIG by reducing their efforts in doing communication and paperwork.