Next generation health device for La Roche-Posay.

iOS • android • IoT


This future of wearable skincare technology is roughly the size of an M&M. L’Oréal’s La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV sensor clips onto clothing and measures the wearer’s exposure to UV radiation, a form of radiation that is known to damage skin and, in large amounts, cause skin cancer.

The My Skin Track UV sensor and its corresponding app were designed to make wearers aware of their levels of UV exposure, as well as other skin-damaging pollutants, and to give users individualized, actionable steps to keep their exposure at a healthy level.


Vinsol did not just write the Android and iOS companion apps but also helped the development of this sensor since POC phase guiding the development of sensor hardware in such a way that it works smoothly with the companion app.


In order to prepare My Skin Track UV for a crucial CES demo, Vinsol collaborated very closely with the Firmware team to spin off the initial prototype which was based on the NFCv technology and wrote an Android app that used to communicate with the sensor to show current conditions and basic insights.


After a successful demo at CES, the entire team realigned to focus on releasing the final product that would work with both iOS and Android. In order for it to work with iOS, Vinsol’s mobile team supported the hardware team to revamp the sensor to use NDEF instead of NFCv.

Given that the success of this product is very much dependent on how smooth it is for the user to use the app with the sensor, Vinsol designed the app right from scratch going through multiple modular prototypes, finally settling upon the current designs. This new avatar of the app looks and feels very close to the actual sensor that is in production being sold in Apple Stores and has much more granular details and insights that helps the user understand their skin and how to take good care.

In addition to the parallel development of the apps for iOS and Android, Vinsol also defined, designed and developed a Dashboard app that runs on an iPad. The dashboard app shows current UV Index and environmental conditions and based off on these, provides skin advice for various skin types. The Dashboard app displays in English and Traditional Chinese.

Since the development of this initial public release, Vinsol has been constantly supporting the product through various troubleshooting and feature additions. The project is going forward to expand on more platforms and to a wider geographical audience.


Right from CES in 2018 to public releases, the product got coverage in popular tech-media like wildfire. Great feedback from users is ensuring that this incredible health device is going to sky-rocket, covering a lot more ground in the coming years.