Open Source Contributions

Open source is a way of software development that promotes transparency and collaboration. It’s about taking initiatives and is driven by the will to contribute and promote community development along with open exchange of knowledge. It gives us immense pleasure to be able to contribute back to the community and we’re excited to tell you all about it!


VinSol and SpreeCommerce

Over the years, SpreeCommerce has become one of the most popular open source Ruby on Rails e-commerce platform. After First Data acquired SpreeCommerce, the company, arose the need for a new core development team for taking care of the SpreeCommerce open source project. A team strong enough to be able to make substantial contributions to this gigantic open source project and shape its future with a unified vision. Vinsol stepped up for taking on this responsibility and now is a part of the new core development team of the SpreeCommerce Open Source Project. Having released Spree 3.1, we plan to upgrade Spree for Rails 5 as soon as Rails 5 is out! View complete Roadmap here.



SpreeCommerce Extensions

Our journey with SpreeCommerce began in 2011 and since then, apart from creating amazing SpreeCommerce experiences for our clients, we’ve also developed quite a few SpreeCommerce extensions. We look forward to contribute and serve the Spree community with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment in the future.



SpreeCommerce Android Application

Vinsol has released Its first version of the SpreeCommerce Open source Android App! It has been built to consume SpreeCommerce API and facilitates listing of banners, products, carts, reviews, ratings, social signup, and user profile. It can be easily customized for any SpreeCommerce store as per the features required. Get it here and go mobile with your Spree store.



NectarCommerce is our initiative towards open-source E-Commerce Phoenix project development. It’s being developed with an intent to serve as an off-the-shelf and easily customizable e-commerce solution, harnessing the high concurrency and better throughput supported by Elixir/PhoenixFramework. We continue working on it and in the coming versions are striving for it to become a complete ready to use & highly customizable eCommerce solution.

Ruby on Rails Contribution

Rails is one of the most mature & modern web framework in existence and we all are aware of how Ruby on Rails brings ideas to life effortlessly. We are one of the early adopters of rails and have been associated with it almost since it’s existence. We have released a couple of Ruby on Rails gems (fullcalender rails engine, nested attribute uniquenessWebpay InterswitchBasicPresenter) and few of our team members are Ruby on Rails core contributors as well. Through the years, it has been our privilege to proudly attend, sponsor and organize Ruby meetups.


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