Orthoscience - a platform for Orthodontists

Avant-Garde Platform For Orthodontists

Ruby on Rails • React • Elastic Search


OrthoScience is one of a kind next-generation digital learning and collaboration platform, that’s helping a worldwide network of orthodontists become better, faster. With a belief that an Orthodontist’s work is what matters the most, OrthoScience is building a platform where orthodontists can be part of a trusted on-line community — one that is rich in clinically-relevant information.

Orthodontic work often requires tools from many different brands and many different suppliers and they should all live happily in one spot. Keeping this in mind, OrthoScience is changing the way orthodontics supplies market operates by building digital solutions that are focused on bringing the doctors and industry together organically. 


Vinsol was asked to design and build a user-friendly responsive web application that makes the best of orthodontics and software technological advances to provide a platform Orthodontists can use to collaborate and learn. 

Vinsol not only helped in redefining the product but also helped with taking the entire learning and collaboration experience to another level. 


Given that the success of this application depends very much on how smooth it is for orthodontists to use the platform, Vinsol followed a rigorous design cycle that redefined the way cases (the core element) are submitted, processed and the way orthodontists collaborate, compare and assist around them.

Vinsol also helped OrthoScience to quickly build the core that helped them showcase the platform, ideasidea and thoughthought  behind the concept at AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) conference. The product was a big hit at AAO and lots of Orthodontists liked the application and expressed their interest. 

Vinsol has been constantly supporting the product through various troubleshooting and feature additions. The project is going forward to expand on more platforms and to a wider geographical audience.


    • The revolutionary CaseCard™ technology transforms complex treatment information into simple visuals, allowing doctors to learn from each other quickly, from anywhere in the world, on any device. 
    • This also allows the orthodontists to submit Diagnosis and Treatment data and see where their treatment stands against the opinion of other orthodontists.
    • Analyzing two cases side-by-side can be mind-blowing. The Case Comparison feature changed the way orthodontists evaluate their treatment. Whether they chose to study their own work or the work of their trusted colleagues.
Case comparison
  • Case Collaboration
    • OrthoScience is redefining the way Orthodontists can collaborate and help each other on different cases.
    • Boards are helping orthodontists in organizing their orthodontic world. They can manage all they like under a single umbrella. Boards can be public or private and can be shared with other orthodontists.
    • Messaging provides quick access to other orthodontists in one’s network of trusted colleagues. It provides the ability to customize the messaging groups — whether it’s a chat with one colleague or a whole group. Plus, easy access to the well-organized database allows the users to communicate case information effectively (and safely) with their colleagues.


After the successful AAO conference, Vinsol has been working on and delivering the new functionalities that are making the platform better and the one that Orthodontists trust and find easy to collaborate and learn on thereby bringing in more business.