Served by stadium | Food delivery

Team and Client Lunch Made Easy

Web • React • Spreecommerce


STADIUM is a food delivery business that focuses on team lunches and client lunches. What makes them different is that they are the only company where groups can order dishes from different restaurants and have them delivered together in a single order.

Stadium holds a unique position in Vinsol’s portfolio because Vinsol is a partner in Stadium. Manik, who is the CEO of Vinsol, is also the CTO of Stadium. 

Stadium is a collaborative venture driven by the vision, execution &  go-to market strategy of Kitchen Stadium Inc. and development & engineering of team Vinsol. They worked together to accomplish the idea by developing a web based application for users to create and order group lunch/meal, and an operation based mobile app for drivers/runners.


  • Weekly Menu with Daily inventory.
  • Communal cart – the whole group can see each other’s order
  • Managing cart items from different restaurants in the same order. 
  • The seamless integration of the website, web-based master admin panel and runners’ mobile app on a large scale of operation. 
  • Automating the business processes that can help Stadium to scale.


Vinsol proactively collaborated with Stadium on this product and worked on everything from the UI/UX designs, custom theme development, custom shipping extension, payment gateway integration, system integration and configuration to ongoing support and maintenance.

Our agile development approach helped to see various facets of the requirements as separate units. As a consequence of this, today, any kind of modification to a module can be done instantaneously and independently in the development stage itself.

To manage dishes and cuisines from any number of menus, we created a personalized menu that can be managed on a daily basis. Front end framework “React” was implemented to flash the Menu within a fraction of seconds with optimized queries running in the background.

Users are given the option of ordering in advance for two weeks in one single order. The auto-checkout feature was added to the application in order to reduce the order processing time for the customer. Single-page checkout feature allowed customers to avoid the hassle of traversing through multiple pages.

A dedicated team of developers at Vinsol focused on developing an operation based mobile application that focuses on the pickup and delivery part of the business operation. We integrated the functionalities of assigning, tracking and following up the order in the application. Prior to the app, all the tasks were managed manually which was time consuming and prone to errors.

Vinsol delivered a custom automation solution aligned in the way Stadium operates. Advanced logics were used for sorting, product coding, packaging etc.. enabling Stadium to deliver food swiftly and accurately to its customers.

All the items once brought from the restaurant are sorted in the storage refrigerators so as to pack and deliver them on the required time and batch. The task gets very ambiguous as there are hundreds of items. Product coding was introduced for this purpose which in turn also helped in label printing.


  • Single-step checkout for existing customer
  • Group lunches for up to 200 members
  • Event Calendar = Customer can keep a track of all the lunches 
  • Real-time dashboard for entire operations
  • Runner location tracking
  • Product coding = Helps the team to sort and store dishes in refrigerators
  • Highly scalable and optimized system


Working together with Vinsol, Stadium achieved a gradual increase in sales. The business has grown manifold in all aspects and is making lives easier for organizing team lunches and group lunches.