An eLearning platform for students of Africa

PHP - Laravel • Android


uLesson is a digital learning platform to help students of Africa to realize their potential via a personalized learning experience on the mobile. It is a mobile-based home education kit for the students that includes a dongle, SD card and a set of headphones. The curriculum includes practice tests and tailored content focused on mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. The study material and performance assessments are offered through both online and offline modes.

With the growing population in Africa, the client wanted to meet the educational necessities of the young generation thus reducing the education gap in the Africa region (starting with Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Gambia). They wanted to save students from the after-school tutorial expenses with their refined services and make education a personally fulfilling and exciting journey for every student.

To nurture the idea, uLesson worked as partners with Vinsol, wherein Vinsol handled all the technicalities right from designing, developing and submitting the product, to ongoing support & maintenance. 

Recently, Vinsol has developed and launched live classes for uLesson users. The uLesson Live Classes will enable learners to attend real-time classes by online tutors.


Vinsol built an eLearning platform for the students to learn in an easy and interactive way. Here are a few challenges that the team faced –

  • To build an app that works in offline mode due to expensive and choppy internet services in Western Africa.
  • Protect the content from getting copied and recorded.
  • Manage user’s progress/ performance data and sync on different devices
  • Manage SD card associations and authentication for learners
  • Download and manage video licenses on slow and unstable internet
  • Manage creation and view of mathematical and chemistry equations on web and mobile
  • Hardware detection and removal by the app. Switching between dongle and internet
  • We had to use optimum screen resolution so that the screen is visible without taking too much internet data
  • To create and share a whiteboard to support all required features.
  • Integrate reminders/notifications at the start of classes
  • We had to implement this in 2 months to help African students during these challenging times.


After understanding the requirements and hurdles, Vinsol conceptualized the architecture for the backend which can support an Android-based mobile app for our future learners and help them learn through fun videos, quests, and various topics. Learners can also take quizzes, practice tests, and exams and evaluate their progress and performance via real-time reports in the app.

To counter the problem of high internet costs, users can use the SD card in which all the study content is available in an encrypted format. Plug in the SD card to your smartphone and the app guides you through a beautiful learning journey!


  • Interactive visual learning in the form of animated videos
  • A supplement to secondary school education
  • Learn from chapters, sections, topics and take exercises and tests
  • Performance analysis
  • Watch tutorial videos online or buy an SD card
  • Live classes with real-time engagement (live reactions)
  • Live chat discussions.
  • The tutor uses a live whiteboard to explain concepts to students using images, presentation slides, pdf, etc.
  • The system records all live sessions by default.
  • View live classes schedule, tutor profile
  • Notifications and reminders upon booking a session
  • Learners can provide class feedback
  • The tutors can conduct in-session quizzes.


The solution developed by Vinsol blended fun and knowledge and is helping the young students to meet their learning needs in online and offline mode.  The recently launched app is receiving good feedback from parents and students.