SpreeCommerce Social Media Marketing

Marketing is the heart of the business and if done right it brings in enormous returns and success. All businesses, big or small need marketing and needless to say ‘Social media marketing’ is the best way to increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. It also drives traffic and sales by a great percentage. The ‘VIRAL EFFECT’ gets customers and prospects to spread the word faster which indicates market acceptance along with increasing social presence. 81% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts and 78% of consumers say companies’ social media posts impact their purchases. You can read some more interesting stats here.  Customers have access to social media channels round the clock which makes it easier for them to reach the business. A quick tip – Ensure that you’re providing customers & prospects with good quality content and not just commercials while marketing your business! 

Some of the channels used for Social media marketing are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc with Facebook and Twitter being used the most. It definitely is time-consuming and difficult managing all these channels separately with sometimes even multiple accounts for a single channel. ‘SPREE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING’ is our first step towards letting you manage all your social media marketing content from a commonplace. For now, it helps you manage your Facebook and Twitter Marketing Accounts.


Below is a quick demonstration of how it works.

The ‘Social Media Accounts’ tab can be found in the ‘Configurations’ section of your Spree store. The index page lists the Facebook/Twitter accounts which have been linked with the application. Three options can be seen in the top-left corner :

– View events
– Add Facebook account
– Add Twitter account.


Before going to events, let’s see how new social media accounts are added and used.

1. Facebook

Clicking on ‘+Facebook account’ let’s you associate a new Facebook account with the application. A couple of access permissions are to be approved so as to successfully associate both the apps.


Once all permissions are granted, your facebook account will be successfully added to the index page and can be managed by clicking the ‘edit’ icon as shown in the image below.


On click on edit button, account details page opens up. From here you can add multiple facebook pages that you want to post the content from by specifying the facebook id of the page. All added pages are shown in an index. Options of removing a page or managing it’s posts are present against every page in the list.


As shown below, from the page details section, new content can be posted as well as old posts can be seen or removed (if needed). In case a post fails, an appropriate error message and an option of reposting the same will be shown.


2. Twitter

When trying to add a new twitter account, just like Facebook you’ll have to authorize the application to access it.


Once the account is added successfully, you can manage all twitter marketing posts from one place. New posts can be published. Old ones can be viewed/removed and failed ones will be visible with an error and a ‘Retry’ option.


3. Events

An amazing feature that the extension comes with is AUTO POST marketing content triggered by specific events in the system. All you need to do is associate such events with Social media marketing interface (it takes just a few lines of code to do so). Thereafter, every time an event occurs, say product creation, promotion creation, business milestones etc it will be posted on all linked Facebook pages and twitter accounts.


You can manage an event from its details page. In the content to be posted you can also include the ‘methods’ available (product name, description, etc) so that these are automatically replaced by the actual values and names when posted.
Important: Posts will be created for only those events which are marked as ‘ACTIVE’.


We will continue to add more features and improve the social media marketing experience.

As it is an open source extension, you can access the code here. Follow us on twitter for more updates.