Spree Commerce Address Autocomplete

Purchasing a product from an e-commerce store is a multistep process – starting from selecting a product, choosing a variant, filling in the delivery address, etc, it finally ends with an order confirmation and delivery. Given, the process isn’t exactly a matter of seconds, the simpler it is, the happier the customers are. Filling in the billing and shipping address in various fields during checkout is time consuming and definitely not the best user experience. Our SpreeCommerce Address Autocomplete Extension allows customers to choose an address via Google autosuggest and autocompletes all the address fields such as a street address, city, country, state, zip code, etc by breaking it down into parts. As a stand-alone feature, it might look like a small change, but as a part of the checkout process it brings in significant improvement to a customer’s shopping experience.

You can read on to know more or watch a video to see the extension in action.

Below is a quick view of an example address:

When the user starts typing his/her address, google autosuggest options are displayed as shown in the image below.


When the user selects an address, it is automatically filled into all the address fields.


It is an open source extension and the code can be accessed here. Follow us on twitter for more updates!