Spree Commerce Admin Activity Tracker

Being a site’s administrator is a role of both responsibility & power and unwary actions of privileged users can be hurtful to an organization. You might not be the only administrator managing the business is why it is important to keep a track of activities being performed by all admins. This also promotes transparency and caution amongst people entitled to the important role(s). Spree Admin activity Tracker lets you track all actions of your admin end users and maintains a trail with enough details to trace down any change made by them.

To know more about the extension, read on or watch a video. Below are a few snapshots to give an idea of what it looks like :

The ‘Admin activity tracking’ feature is added as a sub-tab in the configurations section. By clicking on it, you’ll be able to see all actions performed by admins listed in reverse chronological order.


Clicking on the ‘i’ icon will open more details about the action. Everything from who made the change, what did the change request look like to the system message that was displayed in return are listed here. If the admin encountered any errors while making the change, those are listed too!


It’s an open source extension and the code can be accessed here. Follow us on twitter for more updates!