SpreeCommerce Bulk Store Credits

Customer retention is something that every store, whether brick-and-mortar or online, diligently works on. There are many ways to try to retain your previous customers and make them keep coming back. As a store owner, you could offer your customers another product or a discount along with their next purchase(s). What kind of offer and on which purchase is typical to every store; the discounts are basically done in two categories – either a direct discount or an indirect discount.

For direct discount, a customer is offered a lower selling price on a repeated purchase, e.g., a 20% discount on the subsequent purchase for an item. The indirect discount, however, is offered in a way that does not lower the selling price of an item, but the customer is offered some kind of token (a gift card) along with the purchase. This token, generally in the form of a gift card or a voucher, is known as store credit which can be spent by the customers on future orders.

Store credits are easy to distribute. That’s why every store has some form of store credit, which can be given for either defective products or customer dissatisfaction. If you are unable to refund the money or exchange the items, you can offer store credits. If you want to promote the sales of a particular product or a group of products in a given season, then a store credit is something you can offer to your customers. It is also being used throughout the industry as ‘cashback’ offers. A cashback (store credit) can also be offered to the customers to generate more business. For example: “Shop for $400, get $20 cash back.”

The SpreeCommerce platform comes with the feature of giving store credits by default. But, the task becomes tedious and monotonous if the store owner has to process store credits for a lot of customers. Therefore, our SpreeCommerce Bulk Store Credits Extension is built specifically to ease your efforts in distributing store credits to a large number of customers.

With this plugin, you can input a single value of store credit that you wish to give out and select the customers from the list who would receive it. If you want to give a different amount of store credit to each customer, you can have a CSV file imported to the store and process it quickly. Both ways, this extension would help you save a lot of time.

See it in action here or read on for more information.


To give bulk store credits, access the Users section in the admin panel and click on Bulk Store Credit button.


Select the customers you wish to give bulk store credits, enter the value of the store credits you wish to give out and click on ‘Give Store Credit’.


If you want to process store credits for a large number of customers, you can use the CSV import functionality. There’s a sample CSV file available for your reference on clicking ‘Download Sample File’ button. Once your CSV file is ready, you can click on ‘Import Store Credit CSV’ and browse your file to directly update the store credits of the requisite set of users. You can use the same functionality in case you wish to offer different values of store credit to different users.


To check the credits of a particular customer, click on the user’s email ID and go to the ‘Store Credits’ section.


As shown above, you’ll find the amount written against ‘Store Credits’ title in the ‘Lifetime Stats’ table.
The extension is open source and the code is available here. Follow us on Twitter for more info.