SpreeCommerce Buy-M-Get-N extension

Every business uses promotions to drive sales. One of the most common & highly successful forms of promotion in recent times is ‘Buy One Get One Free’ or BOGOF, or just BOGO. It is a promotion that’s applied almost everywhere – from clothes to pizzas to movie tickets to even digital products! This kind of promotion is not just limited to ‘buy one and get the second for free.

Instead, customizations are done based on the business model, the products on sale and the kind of discounts the seller wishes to offer, as this flexibility can be extended in many ways – for e.g., buy 1 box of candy and get 50% off on the 2nd box; buy 1 movie ticket & get $5 off on the second one; buy 2 chocolates and get 1 free; buy 3 and get free shipping; buy 3 T-shirts and get 50% off on 1 mug etc.SpreeCommerce platform has the feature of making promotions with out-of-the-box installation. However, it does not give you the flexibility to make adjustments or modify the promotions as per your need.

Our SpreeCommerce Buy-M-Get-N Extension can do adjustments to offers as well so that you can create customized promotions, and therefore, extend almost any kind of BOGO-type offer to your customers!

Remember, the promotion ‘Buy-M-Get-N’ would always give you ‘off’ on a maximum of N products of the variant(s) defined; when at least M quantities of the product(s) are there in the cart. Example: If the promotion is “buy 2 medium pizzas and get 50% off on two soft drink cans” and the customer orders 3 cans with 3 pizzas, then the discount will be calculated for only 2 soft drink cans.


To create Buy-M-Get-N offers, go to the Promotions tab in the SpreeCommerce Store Admin panel and click New Promotion.


After you have created a promotion, define the rule(s) for the offer. Fill the ‘Buy-M’ part of the condition – the product(s) and the number ‘M’. Select the sub-condition – ‘How many chosen products should satisfy the condition’. The number in ‘M’ field is provided by the extension.


After the rules of the promotion have been entered, you need to fill the ‘Get-N’ part of the offer – the variant(s), the number ‘N’ and the flat percent discount.


After both the rule(s) and the action(s) have been entered and the condition is completed, the promotion becomes ready for use and you can share the promo code with your customers.
The extension is open source and the code is available here.
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