SpreeCommerce Customer Segmentation

Got a lot of registered users but getting too few orders? Sending emails to a big lot but don’t see why they don’t return to your e-commerce store? Are customers not completing orders? Or completing just one order and vanishing? You need Customer Segmentation!

Every customer is unique, so you should not do one-size-fits-all marketing. Customer Segmentation can be a powerful means to identify unmet customer needs. You need to segment the customers and study and understand their behavior. Segmenting customers based on their behavior eliminates the guesswork because you categorize your customers into smaller groups of people who have something in common and that makes reaching out to your potential customers easier. Also, the probability of getting a response from this specific group is more. For example, you can search for all the people who come to your website often but don’t order by setting ‘Number of Sessions’ to ‘greater than or equal to’ a suitable number like ‘5’ and ‘Number of Orders’ to ‘0’ and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

You can read on or watch a video to know how this extension eases your daily problems.


Here is a demonstration of how to use the Customer Segmentation extension: –

Go to the User Segmentation section and click on ‘Create Segment’.


Click on ‘Add Filter’ button to select the metric on the basis of which you want to filter the users.


Then, select the operator from the dropdown and enter the value(s) as needed.


You can add any number of filters to your search.


After you add all the filters, click on search. The results that satisfy all the constraints in the metrics are displayed on the screen. If there are no results, ‘No Results’ shows on the screen.


If you want to remove a filter, you can do so by clicking the cross against that filter and click search again.


You can save the search and export the results in CSV format.


The saved segments show up in the ‘View all segments’ section.

We’ll continue to improve the customer segmentation experience for your business and customers. As it is an open source extension, the code can be accessed here. Follow us on twitter for more updates.