SpreeCommerce Digital Asset Management

Managing digital assets of an E-commerce store becomes a huge challenge as the store expands and the team size grows. DAM (Digital asset management) is about centralizing, tracking, managing, locating and sharing digital content and that’s exactly what we have in store for you – Your own Digital Asset Manager enabling you to manage all Digital assets of your SpreeCommerce store in an efficient and organized way.

Another important advantage is automation of certain workflows, like an organized approval process for all assets. Each person has his/her own role and responsibility in bringing together the perfect storefront. With all assets centrally available, this can be done with seamless coordination and great efficiency. For example, A product photographer can upload photographs, the digital visual merchandiser can approve and use those to build compelling displays and the product team can put them together in a page. Moreover, well organized, accessible content makes itself readily available for future use. To know more about how this extension works, read on or watch a video.

Below is a demonstration of how SpreeCommerce Digital Asset Manager can help you manage all your digital assets.

Adding a New Asset

1. Once you are logged into your spree store, click on assets section in the vertical menu bar.


2. You will now be able to see the expanded asset section which shows default folders (Documents, Photos, Graphics) and any custom folders which have been added. (Yes, you can add as many folders as you want to categorize your store’s digital assets).


3. Clicking on a Folder will display all the assets in it along with an option to upload a new asset in that folder location. You can upload single or multiple assets.


4. Upload progress can be seen in the bottom right corner as shown below.


Editing / Deleting / Downloading an Asset

​SpreeCommerce Digital asset manager lets you edit/delete or download your store’s digital assets. On hover over an asset you can see three options (delete, edit, download).

1. Deleting an Asset:
Clicking on ‘delete’ option over an asset, removes it from your digital asset collection.

2. Editing an Asset:
Clicking on ‘edit’ option over an asset, opens the asset details page in edit mode. You can choose to edit only the name or the file associated with the asset.

3. Clicking on ‘Download’ option over an asset, downloads the asset on your system.

Associating an asset with a product:

1. Clicking on any product’s name or it’s edit action will take you to that product’s details page.

2. Once on the details page of a product, you will see a vertical listing on the right-hand side. Clicking on ‘Assets’ will list all assets related to this product.


3. You can add a new asset to this product by clicking on ‘New Asset’ button.


4. This will open ‘New asset’ window as shown below. You can select any asset from the available assets of your Spree store and associate it with this product.


5. Removing / Editing a product asset – You can also remove or edit an existing product asset by using the ‘Remove’ and ‘Delete’ actions on the asset listing page.


Coming soon as a part of SpreeCommerce Digital Asset Management is the ability for you to customize and use different images of a product for its different views (listing, cart, details page, etc) in your SpreeCommerce store.

As it is an open source extension, you can access the code here. Follow us on twitter for more updates.