SpreeCommerce Extensions

Extend Your Application

Spree Extensions are the apparatus for customizing a SpreeCommerce Website. Using these, features can be easily plugged into your store without the hassle of getting them developed from scratch. They are modular pre-defined miniature applications which are customizable and extend your store by enabling you to launch new features in no time!

Spree Extensions Developed by us

Spree Product Customization

Allow customers to customize products, save them and checkout. They could also make it public allowing others to order products custom designed by them

Spree Customer Segmentation

This extension allows the admin to filter out users based on a plethora of metrics thus making targeted marketing super easy.

Spree Product Subscription

Are your customers buying the same item repeatedly? This extension will let them subscribe for it and get it delivered at the same time every week, month or year over a predefined period of time.

Spree Digital Asset Management

Store, track, share and mange all digital assets of your SpreeCommerce store efficiently. Moreover, you can associate these assets to your store products from within the system itself.

Spree Admin Insights

This extension provides extensive and targeted reports for the Admin. Which products were viewed the most yesterday, which brand is most popular in a particular geography, which user is a consistent buyer and much more, all the reports a website owner could probably need are a click away!

Spree Themes

What if you have ability to switch design of your Spree store at the click of a button? Amazing! Isn’t it? Don’t worry, we won’t make you wait for long. Be ready to surprise your customers with a new look and feel of your store!

Spree marketing

Auto creates lists of users based on their behavioral aspects while they interact with your website. These user lists can be used for targeted marketing and campaigns. Campaign reports can also be generated to analyse user response.

Spree Wallet

Wallet payment method for your Spree store customers. Lets them add money to their store wallet and use whenever they want to.

Spree Admin Roles and Access

Allows website owner to dynamically add new roles and define access permissions.

Spree Favorite Products

Customers can mark/unmark their favorite Products enabling admin to view the same and strategize marketing around customer choices.

Spree Loyalty Points

Adds Loyalty Points feature for your customers. Points can be added manually by admin or automatically based on a customer's purchase.

Spree Gift Card

Adds gift card functionality to your SpreeCommerce Store.

Spree Items Return

Facilitates customers with an interface to initiate product returns and track return history.

Spree Quotes Management

The extension provides the functionality to receive testimonials from customers. 

Spree HTML Invoices

Allows a store owner to print and download the invoice for an order.

Spree Address Autocomplete

Autocompletes customer's shipping and billing address during checkout. 

Spree Delivery slots

Allows customers to get items in a single checkout delivered separately at the date and time of their choice.

Spree user promo codes

Extends the ability of Spree Promotions by making it possible to create customized user specific promo codes. 

Spree PickUp

Allows customers to get their orders delivered at a nearby location (other than their home/business address) and later on collect it from there at a time that’s convenient for them.

Spree Social Media Marketing

Lets the business manage all it's social media marketing accounts from a common place.

Spree Packaging

Optimal solution for packaging enabling business to use it's packing resourses efficiently.

Spree One Page Checkout

A seamlessly staged checkout process aimed at serving all types of customers.

Spree Admin Activity Tracker

Lets you track all admin activities and maintains tracking details.

Spree Account Recurring

Manages recurring payments / subscriptions using Stripe Payment Gateway.

Spree Split Payments

Allows users to split an order payment between different payment methods.

Spree Bank Transfer

Allows admin to add a new payment method "Bank Transfer" to an existing SpreeCommerce store. Customer can place an order online and pay by transferring money directly into merchant's Bank account.

Spree Paga

Enables a spree store to allow payment via PAGA Gateway (an e-payment service provider in Nigeria, Africa).

Why should we be customizing your SpreeCommerce Website?

We won't charge you for developing a new extension

SpreeCommerce has a plethora of extensions to choose from but we cannot ignore the fact that in the e-commerce market, requirements are ever growing. If needed, we create new Spree extensions as per your requirements and the good news is that we don't charge you for it's development! All you pay for is its customization / integration in your store.


With over 15 years of e-commerce expertise, we are also SpreeCommerce development and customization experts. Moreover, what could be better than the leaders of spreeCommerce open source project development themselves developing / customizing your website.

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