SpreeCommerce Intercom

Do you have a SpreeCommerce store and often wonder what’s in the mind of your customers? Do you want to provide better customer services by chatting live with them? Then Intercom is your answer!

SpreeCommerce Intercom Extension is a modern messaging product for sales, marketing, and support – developed to keep up with customers’ needs. It features Automatic (Bot) Support and Live Chat functions to assist you as a store owner with many aspects like lead acquisition, customer engagement and product support.Intercom helps you by gathering more leads with the advent of proactive customer engagement. You can efficiently convert your best leads into sales by chatting with the customers in real time. With this, you can also measure the statistics about the leads you follow, for e.g., you can view when was the last time a user logged into your store. With this extension, you are also able to view the cart items (added and removed) for all customers and strategize the lead conversion process accordingly.

Spree Intercom extension added to the Spree stores is a very helpful tool to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction for your business. Intercom also lets the store owners keep the customer profiles on the store in sync on Intercom, and update their information from the Intercom itself. All customer activities on the SpreeCommerce store are tracked and can be viewed under ‘user profile’ in ‘Platform’ section on Intercom.

For more information, keep reading below or watch a video.

To add Intercom functionality to your SpreeCommerce store, add the Application ID and Access Token in your Intercom Settings sub-tab and tick ‘Enabled’.


If you wish, you can also keep Intercom functionality disabled on your store by un-ticking the ‘Enabled’ checkbox.

After you have enabled Intercom, the customers would see a chat widget on the store, like this:


After clicking this icon, the customers would be able to initiate a chat with you, and you would be able to reply to them. Here is an example:


Using this extension, you can track the following events on your SpreeCommerce Store:

  • Customer creates the account.
  • Customer updates the account.
  • Customer logs in.
  • Customer logs out.
  • Customer adds products in the cart.
  • Customer removes products from the cart.
  • Customer updates the cart.
  • Customer views a product.
  • Customer searches for a product.
  • Customer applies a filter.
  • Checkout stages – address, delivery, payment, confirmation.
  • Customer places an order.
  • Customer’s order is shipped.
  • Customer returns an order.
  • Customer applies promotion.
  • Customer removes promotion.

What’s More?

We have also introduced a custom data attribute – ‘Number of Orders’ which tells you about the number of orders a customer has made on the store. It can be viewed under ‘Platform’ section of the Intercom extension.

The extension is open source and the code is available here.

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