SpreeCommerce Marketing

When it comes to marketing it’s important to target the right people. Say, you have the perfect marketing strategy for increasing retention or just the right content for promoting a product. What else do you need for a successful marketing campaign? The Right Audience. No matter how exciting your offer is, if you’re targeting the wrong people your marketing will fail to generate returns.

Spree Marketing Extension focuses on classifying the user base in such a way that as a store owner you’ll be able to feed the right consumer with the right content/marketing campaigns. That’s not all! You can view all your marketing campaigns from the email campaigning service you use (MailChimp for now) along with the customers it probably affected! From the list of people who signed up last week to the buyers from a particular geographic area, all information is presented in the form of well-structured lists.

Below is a demonstration of what the marketing Extension looks like when part of a basic spree commerce store :

Once on the homepage of the Spree Admin Section, you’ll be able to see the ‘Marketing’ tab in the vertical menu bar on the right-hand side of the page.


​All list headers are listed on the view page of marketing lists.


​Details (email id and unique identification number of each user) are listed on the details page of every list.


Marketing lists

The following lists are available :
1. Abandoned cart list – List of users who have abandoned their cart


2. Cold Zone – Users in the geographic zones where from lowest orders have been received.


3. Most Searched Keywords – List of users corresponding to the top 10 searched keywords on your store.


4. Most used Payment Methods – List of users corresponding to the payment methods which are used the most.


5. New users – List of users who signed up in the last week.


6. Least Active users – These are the users who are least active on your store.


7. Most Active users – You must know this one by now. Yes, these are the most active users of your store!


8. Most selling products – The most selling products are listed along with the information of users who bought them.


9. Discount Seekers – These users purchase mostly when there is an ongoing discount on products.


10. Hot Zone! – These are the customers who generate the maximum revenue for you and now are segregated geographically.


Marketing Campaigns

Under ‘Marketing Campaigns’ section, you can see all campaigns. These are kept in sync with MailChimp (email service being used for sending campaigns) and are revised automatically depending upon the campaign’s information in Mailchimp. Store owner can sync up campaigns manually as well. Please note that for now the extension is integrated with MailChimp and will be integrated with other emailing services in the future.


Next comes, your marketing campaigns! For now, the extension is integrated with MailChimp and will be integrated with other emailing services in the future. Details of a campaign’s impact ie the users who made purchases near after the campaign launch can be seen under ‘Purchases’ tab.

Details like email id of the purchaser, when did he/she opened the campaign email and first activity (ie first purchase made by the user after the campaign) are displayed.


Clicking on any of the user’s email id takes the admin to the order history of that user.


We continue to work on adding more lists and details to the existing experience.

As it is an open source extension, you can access the code here. Follow us on twitter for more updates.