SpreeCommerce on Vue

SpreeCommerce is a free, open-source platform built on Ruby on Rails framework. It is a lightweight software, which is simple and easy to use. It is a modular platform that allows you to add, configure or replace any functionality you need, making it possible to build the store exactly the way you want. Whether you are a small business or a multinational, you can use Spree for commercial purposes without paying any licensing fees.

Also, once your store is live, you will notice that Spree’s backend (where you’ll spend most of your time dealing with orders and inventory) is one of the most functional and properly designed interfaces in the market.

SpreeCommerce offers a lot of advantages as compared to any other eCommerce solution, some of which are listed below: –

  1. Flexibility, which allows adjusting the platform according to business needs and requirements, and implementing a wide range of features.
  2. Faster development, as Spree is based on the Ruby on Rails framework. Ruby on Rails, in turn, was created for online businesses. Therefore, time efficiency is in its core along with a reliable and stable development process.
  3. Full ownership and control over all code assets to online store owners, since Spree is an open source project.
  4. Fully functional platform for building full-service online stores. Spree features include extended payment methods, easy integration of various extensions, ability to customize and modularity to configure, add, replace, or remove any features.\
  5. Easy payment integration, as Spree is bundled with more than 125 payment solutions.
  6. Comprehensive support package. Also, Ruby on Rails & Spree Slack communities offer solid and reliable support.
  7. Spree officially maintains many extensions to provide additional functionalities that are not available out of the box.
  8. Spree storefronts are very responsive and work equally best on smartphones and computers.
  9. With SpreeCommerce’s API, creating a new application or a third-party integration is flexible, easy and scalable.
  10. Integration with ERP, systems management and accounting is also possible.

Vue.js is one of the most popular JS frameworks out there. At the time of writing this, Vue.js has got more than 120,000 stars on GitHub, compared to 116,000 for React.js, and 59,000 for Angular.js, on which it is majorly based.

There are many reasons for the popularity of Vue.js. The first is its small size. It is just 18-21 KB in size, so it takes absolutely no time to download and use. It may be of small size, but it doesn’t lose any bit on the speed. Instead, it beats all of the bulky JS frameworks like React.js, Angular.js and Ember.js. Another important advantage that Vue offers is that it is extremely easy to understand, making it effortless to add Vue to your web projects or develop applications.

Both small and large scale templates can be developed through this framework. Based on JavaScript framework, Vue.js doesn’t have any compatibility issues as it is very easy to integrate it with existing applications built on JS. Apart from this, you can build complex applications with ease.

Adaptability is an upper hand for Vue.js. It allows the users to write their templates in HTML file, JavaScript file, or pure JavaScript file using virtual nodes. This flexibility also makes it easy for React.js, Angular.js or any other new JavaScript framework developers to understand the entire process. Vue.js also facilitates two-way communications because of its MVVM architecture which makes it quite easy to handle HTML blocks. If the developers face any problems, they can easily trace the blocks with errors. Not to forget, if a user needs clarification on any point, he/she can look at the detailed and comprehensive documentation.

Now combine these two for even more awesomeness! What we have got ourselves is the Spree on Vue extension! Here at VinSol, we’ve combined the modularity of Spree with the speed and responsiveness of Vue by developing an extension for an ultimate eCommerce platform. Forget any other platform for your eCommerce website, as Spree on Vue is the one you can completely depend upon!

This extension is open-sourced and its code can be found here.

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